In-Home Personal Training

We say ditch the gym. Stay home, stay safe and stay focused. Save 5-8 hours per week by training at home with your personal trainer for 30 min workouts so you can spend more time with your family.

I'm Training For Me

For years I’ve been doing everything for everyone else – making lunches, working late, cleaning the house and of course being a chauffeur. My health and wellness started to take a backseat because I wasn’t making any time to care of myself and then to top it off I would usually eat drive-thru food instead of something healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life… but it’s time for me to start making me a priority. So I made the decision to get in-home personal training. I wanted someone who could come to my home because the thought of going back out to a gym after a long hard day just wasn’t an option. My in-home personal trainer has all the equipment, changes up every workout often so I never get bored and most importantly, keeps me accountable. Every session is challenging but so invigorating! I’m so glad I made this decision.

I'm Training For An Event

We’ve been on vacations before in the past to many warm destinations, so I tend to always get a little anxious when I think about showing my body. With only 6 months to go before our upcoming vacation, I’m actually feeling uneasy about how I might look in my swimsuit – pictures last a lifetime! Because I am so sick and tired of wearing t-shirts in the pool and being uncomfortable in my own skin, I finally decided to invest in a mobile personal trainer who could come to our home and train the both of us. We both have similar goals so I wanted to exercise together with my spouse. Working out at the same time frees up our schedule for other important things in life. And we’re both feeling so much more energetic! We’re so excited about our upcoming vacation, and can’t wait until the day arrives.

I'm Training For Retirement

It is no secret – we’re all getting older day by day. But it’s not the number on birthday cards or my cake I care about. It’s the numbers my doctor gives to me during my yearly checkup. Keeping those numbers in check allows me to spend more quality time with my grandkids, like playing tag and riding bikes. So I decided I needed to hire a personal trainer so I could get into better shape. My personal trainer now comes directly to my condo gym and helps me by improving my balance, strength, stamina and co-ordination. At 65 years young, I feel more energetic today than ever, which is giving me a whole new lease on life.

I'm Training For Others

While training for me is important for good health, I also workout in order to keep up with my everyday life. I need the energy to keep up with my active kids, and I really want to be their role model. I need to keep my body in check with strength training so I’m always looking good, which means that my spouse will only have eyes for me! I understand the need to remain flexible as well as functional so that we’re able to help our parents live their lives to the fullest, too. Yes, I needed an on-site trainer who was able to cater personally to me… because I want my family to count on me!

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