Why You Don’t Want To Have A Lazy Bottom, Literally


No More Lazy Bottom


I while back I wrote a small post on my instagram (shahab_onsite) regarding the HOW-TO work on your glutes. In this article I am going to address the importance of why to work on not just your glutes, but your lower body in general. Eliminate that lazy bottom.

I’ll admit, the title is a bit misleading, but it’s catchy and it did exactly that, caught your attention.

Everyone should be working on strength for both the lower and upper extremities. We’re going to stick with lower, because your legs are a powerhouse for your body and they burn a lot of calories.

Your lower body has more than one function and more than one muscle obviously. Listed here are some function examples;

Glute Functions

• Hip Extension
• Hip External Rotation
• Hip Abduction
• Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Hamstring Functions

• Hip Extension
• Knee Flexion

Quadriceps Functions

• Knee Extension
• Hip Flexion (slight)

If you don’t know what most of these actions actually mean, don’t worry about it. What I want you to get is that there are a lot of functions that your lower body performs and you are not destined to a have a lazy bottom.

Your glutes actually have the bulk of the actions and tend to be very strong as well as very overworked. This tells us that working on your glutes will help you tremendously, along with working your lower body in general.

What are some of the benefits of working on your lazy bottom right now?


  • Stronger Posture – Sitting too much causes your hips to get out of alignment. This in turn doesn’t sit well (pun intended) with your body.
    Your hips may tilt forward, pushing out your abdomen and giving you that ‘gut’ appearance
. Adding compound lower body moves like squats, lunges, deadlifts add strength to your lower body.


  • Stronger Back – Because your body works as a unit, stronger lower body musculature means your back doesn’t have to pick up the slack from your weakened glutes. 
If you have “helper” muscles like your back taking over, overtime they become weak, hence the back pain you might feel
 Work on your lower body to strengthen up your hips, knees, ankles, and prevent injuries for your lower back


  • Stronger Athletic Performance – Your lower body, especially your glutes, are responsible for lots of stabilization, and power generation
. You have better speed, acceleration, and endurance
. There’s movements like flexion, extension within your lower body that improves your overall performance. When your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are strong, these movements are more explosive. 
Don’t be afraid to add in a couple of days worth of lower body training. Always rehab your muscles with some stretching and foam rolling post exercise.


  • Stronger Bone Density – Using load to add mechanical stress to your lower body will help make your bones stronger.
 With bone density decreasing the older you grow, the more you should consider using strength training as a “anti aging” regimen.
 Using load for your lower body to work against helps your bone density, and in turn you will slow down the aging process of your bone structure. Stronger bones means a stronger not so lazy bottom.


  • Stronger Lower Body Muscles – This in turn will help you burn more fat. Lower body muscles are the biggest ones in the body. Don’t underestimate them. 
Studies show that for each pound of lean muscle you build, you burn an extra 50 calories at rest. This will increase your metabolism.
 Training legs induces growth hormone release, and an increase in testosterone production. (This point is mostly geared towards the guys).
    Utilize big compound lower body moves like squats, deadlifts, lunges, bulgarian split squats in your routine. Your body will thank you for it.


  • Stronger Ability To Complete Everyday Tasks – This might seem simple, but having the ability to do every tasks with ease is something we as trainers might take for granted. Lower body strength increases your balance. Walking on that uneven sidewalk isn’t as hard anymore. Lifting things off the ground won’t engage your lower back as much, because your glutes, quads, and hamstrings are all stronger than before. You’ll have overall better proprioception, and control over your body and whatever physical tasks you have to accomplish.


As you can tell, lower body strength has a huge impact on the overall health of your body.

What I didn’t mention as much is the importance of mobility in your training. Strength is important, but if you can’t move, then strength becomes pointless. Set aside sometime before and after your workout to work on mobility drills. This will in turn help you stay mobile, lean, and strong.

You use your legs everyday. I want you to be able to use them right now, and for all the years to come. Time to banish that lazy bottom.

If you are unsure about any of the above things, and need assistance in form, don’t be afraid to invest in some coaching. A little coaching goes a long way.

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