What's the Spin on the Spinning Bike?



For those of you who have participated in a spinning class, you know that it can be an amazing interval training workout. It is a popular class, and you have to be quick to book your spot at most studios or health clubs to get the day and time you want. Many times I have seen line-ups of people waiting to get in, only to be denied due to too many people and not enough bikes.





Well there is a great solution for this! You can have your own indoor spinning bike in the comfort of your own home. Sure, there is no live instructor guiding you through the program but with today’s technology there are plenty of instructional spin classes on the internet or DVD’s to watch as well.


Indoor spinning bikes are also very affordable with prices starting at around $300/bike. They are available with pressure pad resistance or magnetic resistance. Today’s spinning bikes are much more advanced than those of yesterday. There are a lot of adjustment and tracking options to ensure the right fit for you. You can arrange the height of the seat and handlebars along with adjusting the length of the seat position and handlebars too.


Residential spin bikes have many at home advantages. They take up minimal space, require minimal maintenance and are quiet performers.


Some of the benefits of a home spinning workout include:

  • Maintaining your cycling conditioning during inclement weather
  • Burn calories – A 30 minute session can burn as much as 500 calories
  • Improved cardiovascular health as well as endurance training
  • Progress at your own level with resistance adjustment
  • Low impact on joints in comparison to other cardio pieces
  • Shapely legs as a result of incorporating multiple leg muscles
  • Abs and core get a good workout as well with different positioning


The time can pass very quickly especially when following a video that takes you through a scenic route of a city or trail. Next thing you know your workout is finished and you are feeling great with puddles of sweat!!

Remember, you’re not just spinning your wheels during a home spinning session. You always get a great workout!


By Nancy DiMarco, Spartan Fitness Mississauga


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