Weight Loss Numbers's Made Easy, No Really.

Well, there is some confusion out there in the world of Weight Loss.

The confusion is, people do not know how much food to eat and how much exercise is needed to burn calories.

Ready for some simple math, here it is;

Let’s say you are female and (not saying particulariliy anyone) weigh appproximately 175 lbs.

1st, you take 175 lbs and x that by 10, =? 1,750 (calories needed to maintain life function, not including your daily activity). This is your BMR?- Basal Metabolic Rate

Under a general assumption, we assume you add 20% of daily activity effort to that (work, no exercise yet).


Jobs differ

Some?Construction workers burn?quite a few calories. (So do stay at home Mom’s – I know)

Office workers are what?we gauge these numbers (20%) by.

So… Lets take 1,750 x 20% = 350 daily activity calories

Now, just by breathing, going to work, and doing daily chores?YOU burn 2,100 calories/day.

Numbers don’t lie.

If you are consuming 2,100 calories/day – YOU?WILL NOT?lose weight!

Just maintain??

If you over eat or move less – YOU WILL gain weight!

Here is another number.

Lets say you burn 500 calories per hour.

If you do this every day over the course of 7 days = 3,500 calories burned.

Heck, there goes 1 lb of FAT!

Ok, it gets better.

Take that Total daily activity munber and consume 500 calories LESS 7 days/week = 3,500 calorie deficit.

Ok, YOU excited yet?

I just?explained to?you the simple math to be?in a deficit of 7,000 calories/week = Presto….

**************?? 2LBS GONE PER WEEK!!!?? ****************?

Hold?the phone Batman, one more.

It is known that the average person out there who adds 1 lb of muscle burns approximately 50 calories/day at rest.


If you add 10 lbs of muscle (while losing 10 lbs of fat, weight didn’t change too much there) you now burn

500 Calories/day at rest.

Yeah, while you are sleeping!!!

Isn’t that great? Another lb gone, right?

My question to you is, are you disciplined to try and lose 12 lbs/month (if you need to that is?) ?

As a Mobile Personal Trainer, our job function is to get you that!

I want you to burn more at rest,? lose calories from daily exercise, and eat less but more frequent?from our customized Meal Plans.

There is the science.

If we at TOS kick your butt 3 days/week for 1hr = 500 calories each workout + after 30 – 60 days you will have an additional 10 lbs of muscle, and eat 500 calories less per day?-? we essentially are getting you to be in a potential deficit per day of 1,500 calories on the day you train with my Trainers.


Even at exercising 3 days/week = Negative 4,500 calories.

I know I know, sign you up – right?

Give us a call 1.888.269.1TOS(867)

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Act fast. We only have 9 left to give away in the whole company.


1 thought on “Weight Loss Numbers's Made Easy, No Really.”

  1. Rob that excersize really works! I must say out of any of the personal trainers I have had you are by far the best! I love your company because its in home personal training! No more fears of going to the gym now I can work out at home with you guiding me in my own comfort of my house. This is amazing the great work outs awesome meal plan and fantastic equipment!

    The trainers on site really know what fitness is and can make sure you get the results you want in reasonable period of time! I reccomand rob for anyone looking to change there body!

    Rob my personal trainer is great at what he does! I burn a sweat everytime we work out! He always has different equipment and new excersie for me to do! Its never the same session over and over! Somthing new each day!

    My trainer rob is the best thing that ever came into my life! He has helped me change for the better! Go with personal trainers on site! You will regret it if you don’t!!

    What more can you ask for a personal trainer who comes to your house and works you hard for an 1hr/45minutes/30minutes, that will have you burning calories.

    Pick TOS, its my number one choice, and it will be yours too! 🙂


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