Want to Know How to Stay Motivated and on Track?

It seems as though there is one common problem amongst all humans…we’re human.
We make mistakes.
We slip up.
We cheat here and there on meal plans. (Yes, even us Personal Trainers)
We don’t exercise enough – True or True?
Well I’m going to share with you today?1 way to stay on track and keep motivated to cross that finish line and continue your fitness journey – forever!
Are you ready?
Here goes.

Use Positive Affirmations. Now I know almost the whole world has read at one point The Secret, or some form of a great book like that one to help you understand not only?the power of positive thought but also the power of speaking out loud positive thought.

Call it what you want, Positive Affirmations, Daily Dozen, Morning Mantras – they work. (Everyone knows the?Jim Carrey story too).
Try this out. Why not start your morning off by reading out loud 3 positive things you are doing, becoming or aquiring? DO, BE, HAVE (Always talk as though it is happening).
“I Robert?Foster, and I am exercising 5 days/week and loving it.
I am becoming lean, toned and ripped.
I have 8 pack abs like Mario Lopez”.
This can be done in your car on your way to work (windows rolled up maybe?).
It can be done in the shower (not at the local gym probably).
Out on a morning jog (not too loud to scare the neighbours or their dog).
Just remember, affirmations work.
Do this 1 thing daily and amazing changes will happen in your fitness life which allows all other parts of your life to respond victoriously!
Lmk your Matra below!

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