Want Lean Legs and a Bullet Bum?

As a Mobile Personal Trainer, I and many of my other In Home Personal Trainers with Trainers On Site are often challenged with the task of improving a woman’s bottom and legs.

Many women want to reduce cellulite, eliminate jiggle and firm up their bottom halves – right ladies?

Where does most cellulite gather? On the bum and hamstrings.

While I know that squats, lunges, dead-lifts and other leg strengthening exercises work – there is one exercise that if done properly will incinerate fat from the legs completely and display a tight and toned tummy.

You know it as SPRINTING.

Sprinting really targets the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Sprints will also really work your core as well – you need strong abdominals and a strong lower back to propel yourself forward down the track.

Sprinting is not an easy exercise to do.

In fact, if you are brand new to exercise I would even recommend you NOT to sprint.

If you are one of the people listed below, I suggest you not to sprint.

People who have bad knees – don’t sprint.

People who have bad ankles – don’t sprint.

People who have a bad lower back – don’t sprint.

People who have had a neck injury like whiplash – don’t sprint.

If you are not on the “don’t sprint list” check with your doctor if you are unsure before starting any type of sprinting.

Sprinting requires great co-ordination, full body awareness and great cardiovascular capability.

It also helps if you have a very low body fat percentage – allowing you to use more muscle to sprint faster with less chance for injury.

Sprinting essentially puts your heart rate at 100% of its maximum capability. This leads to quick muscle fatigue and allows for short distances to be traveled at a sprint pace. Remember, sprinting is an anaerobic exercise – meaning, lack of oxygen getting to the muscles. Sprinting normally can not be done longer than 30 seconds at any given time.

Here are some much needed items/things to have when performing sprinting exercises or drills.

Have proper footwear and attire. Don’t wear clothes that restrict your movement. Shorts and tank tops tend to work best. I like to wear the Nike Free running shoe. It feels so light and contouring to the foot like a sock with a little bit of cushioning.

Have a flat surface with plenty of braking room (the space need to slow down after the finish line). While flat surfaces are not always the norm in life, neither is sprinting at your 100% maximum.

Wear a Heart Rate Monitor to ensure you run safely at your full potential. The HRM will also tell you if you pushed your hardest for the run. The HRM lets you know when your heart rate is fully recovered, notifying you that you can run again. It will act as a stop watch to time your runs as well.

Perform a proper dynamic warm-up. Avoid pre-stretching. Stretching will cool the muscles off and make you lose a little bit of power, while a cardio warm-up might not be enough flexibility to prevent injury. (I like skip/hop/runs and runners lunges).

Sprinters look great, don’t they? Look at Donovan Bailey – Canada’s pride and glory. The guy had an eight pack for abs due to sprinting.

The girl in the above picture is a sprinter not a long distance runner. She doesn’t do more than 30 seconds at a time.

Here is a question. Who do you think – more often than not, will have long term injuries? A sprinter or the repetitive joint basher – the long distance runner?

Now let me ask you another, would you rather have a butt and legs like the one above or would you rather run marathons the rest of your life? Your choice, I’m just saying…

Give sprinting a chance. Who knows, you might like it? First check with your Personal Trainer or local coach and even doctor to see if sprinting is right for you?

If you have a treadmill at home or you live close to a school track oval, give Trainers On Site a call for a free sample session to know how to sprint properly and safely.

3 thoughts on “Want Lean Legs and a Bullet Bum?”

  1. First time visitor. Great post. Very good info. Most people think that he more difficult the exercise the better it is. Be careful when trying to push your fitness limits. good info keep it coming.

  2. Awesome info, and once that gets too easy try doing them on an incline (indoor or outdoor). Will target the upper, more larger part of the glutes, thus burning even more fat and greater release of testosterone.

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