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Walk Run Club
The time has come for us to expand our reach and broaden our horizons.

For quite some time now, Trainers On Site has offered local  Milton Moms from Famiizuu and current clients – our group fitness get together’s.

It has been outside, indoors and run throughout the year.

However, I have done some thinking. I personally want to continuously give back to my local Milton community in 2 ways;

  • I need to help more Miltonians achieve better health and wellness through fitness.
  • I need to give back to those less fortunate with providing donations of non-perishable food items and/or household necessities.

This is why we are offering a new free weekly fitness program to all Milton residents. It’s our Walk / Run Club.

It will be held at the Mattamy Cycling Centre Velodrome, Wednesday nights at 8pm for 30 min sessions (some attendees may choose to stay afterward for additional walking and running).

The only cost to participants / attendees is a walking track membership of $28/year and a non-perishable food item every visit.

What is the Club About?

What do we do at our Milton Walk / Run Club? We power walk or run around the indoor room temperature track. For those people who have a beginner level of fitness or perhaps an injury, we encourage them to power walk. For those that are more versed in fitness, feel free to jog or do HIIT type running.

We have been advised by the town that we are only allowed to walk or run at this facility. In order to burn even more calories, I recommend participants to wear wrist weights or carry small dumbbells or even full water bottles.

I will provide a total of 10 pairs of wrist weights for free use. This is why sign up is crucial for those coming, in order to reserve your wrist weights. Remember that ankle weights do more damage than good. Don’t wear ankle weights while walking or running.

We will also keep track of our step count and calorie burn for friendly competition. We should post this socially (I will figure out where to post this soon) for fun too.

Running Tips

A.  Wear loose clothing that is comfortable. It gets hot inside the Velodrome in order to maintain Olympic cycling track conditions.

B.  Wear running shoes. Preferably indoor ones in order to keep the track clean and give you the best comfort. Cross trainers are ok too.

C.  Have a water bottle or use the towns provided water fountains. Water will help hydrate your system, give you more energy and help cleanse your body of toxins.

D.  Track your walks or runs with a tech gadget like a fitbit or your smartphone.


See you at the track! Make sure to sign up every week.


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