Treadmills, Why I like them.

I think one of the most popular fitness products on the planet is THE TREADMILL.

It is the highest searched fitness product on Google.

Treadmills help you burn the most calories overall comparing to all cardio pieces of equipment.

Think about it. You are forcing to propel your body forward (all be it with the help of a rotating belt) with no straps attached, handels to hang on for dear life, or virtually any support.

The greatest thing I like about treadmills is that there are all sorts of cool programs on different ones.

In fact, there are even cool programs to help you train efficiently like my buddy Yuri Elkaims -Treadmill Trainer.

?Today, on behalf of?my bud Yuri -?I?? like to give you 3 interval training workouts for beginners.? You can choose to do these on the treadmill or outdoors ??it really doesn?? matter.? These running workouts will help run longer, get in better shape, and burn more calories.

These cardio workouts involve interval training which means that you have a bout of higher intensity (ie. running) followed by a bout of lower intensity (ie. walking). Depending on the duration of the workout, this sequence will be repeated a number of times, which allows you to spend more time at faster speeds because we space them out with “recovery” intervals.

So let’s get to it.

Beginner Interval Running Workout #1:

1 minute jogging @ 75% max speed : 4 minutes walking x 5 = 25 minutes

In this workout, you will jog at 75% of your maximum running speed for 1 minute and then reduce the speed to a decent pace walk for 4 minutes. This is then 5 times for a total of 25 minutes. This interval program means that you’ll be spending a total of 5 minutes running and 20 minutes walking.

Beginner Interval Running Workout #2:

2 minutes jogging @ 75% max speed : 4 minutes walking x 5 = 30 minutes

Notice how this workout is almost identical to the first one, except for one little difference? In this treadmill workout, you’ll be jogging twice as long while recovering for the same amount of time (4 minutes) you did in the first workout. The fact that your work to rest ratio is now 1:2 instead of 1:4 makes this workout more challenging because you are spending more of this workout at a higher speed. This workout allows you to run for 10 minutes and walk for 20 minutes.

Beginner Interval Running Workout #3:

2 minutes jogging @ 75% max speed : 2 minutes walking x 5 = 20 minutes

This treadmill running workout is more challenging because you now have the same amount of work as you do recovery (ie. a 1:1 ratio). You won’t have as much time to recover between work bouts and therefore we have reduced the overall time of this workout to 20 minutes, during which you’ll have 10 minutes of running and 10 minutes of walking.

These are just a few running workouts for beginners out of thousands of possible interval running plans. Start with these and you??l notice a significant improvement in your ability to run.


Yuri Elkaim is one of the world?? leading fitness and sports conditioning experts. You can take his Treadmill Trainer interval trainin running programs for a free test spin by visiting and learn more about the best running workouts to get you fitter and running faster than ever before!


Lmk how you like it?guys. Give me some comments on the blog.

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