The Last 20lbs

by Berkeley Johnson – Durham Personal Trainer

Even NBA Basketball players need to lose that last 20lbs.

Over the off-season NBA star Kendrick Perkins dropped 20 unwanted lbs to become even more dominant within the paint. This former Boston Celtic had a rough and tough banger-type image due to his extra heavy load. Being on a new team now “The Oklahoma City Thunder” combined with a new run and gun offense and with much younger players – meant he had to commit to moving more quickly up and down the court. His goal was to become more athletic, improve his cardio and drop an extra 20 lbs.

The secret to Kendrick’s success was proper eating and a regimented fitness program. Over the off-season he hired a Nutritionist and personal trained with his former Coach / Personal Trainer. Together they worked on following a clean-eating calorie-correct plan while improving lean muscle while gaining 1st step quickness.

Even at such an elite level, players look to educated professionals like Personal Trainers and Nutritionists to aid them in their development. In order to trim inches and drop the last couple pounds to get them to the next stage – eating right is a must coupled with a tailored fitness program for the best results possible.

Every year as your Pickering Personal Trainer, I do this with up and coming OHL and CHL goalies to increase their performance both off and on the ice. I help them with increasing their speed, agility and power for greater success in competitive sport.

Self-image and self-efficacy is determined by your fitness success. Seek out educated individuals such as Personal Trainers, Nutritionists and Yoga Instructors to increase your wellness knowledge. Go to a gym or have an In Home Personal Trainer come to your home. Gather the right information and have a fun energetic workout!

This just shows that we can all add something new into our lifestyle to help us obtain our fitness goals. As your In Home Personal Training expert I seek out more educated professionals to help me create specific programs for all varieties of clients!

Call us to find out how you can potentially get In Home Personal Training in Durham with me on the Trainers On Site team – 3 x/week for as little as $41/week!


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