The Fitness Cop Out

A surgical procedure seems invasive, doesn’t it?

Remember, this solution does none of these fitness benefits;

– improve your heart and lungs,
– add lean, sculpted muscle,
– increase your metabolism,
– strengthen your bones / joints,
– improve flexibility,
– enhance your daily energy,
– increase serotonin and endorphins,

“Sure, get a band to reduce/shrink your stomach so you won’t be so hungry… Best part is, you don’t even need to exercise”! What a Crock!!!!

What are you willing to do to stay healthy?

Are you willing to sweat?

Are you willing to work hard?

Are you willing to miss a bit of TV?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable?

These are some of the questions you might want to ask yourself again if you are not committing to achieving great fitness results.

Obviously as technology evolves and time passes, there are numerous conveniences in our lives that prevent us from being more active.

Just take a look at some of these inventions that enable our laziness;

– the remote control,
– the elevator,
– engine powered bicycles,
– the people mover at airports,
– the Segway,

We are infatuated with easier, more convenient things. This is why infomercials do so well late at night when we are tired and defeated from a long exhausting day. Perfect for sedentary people.

Does this make us all lazy as a society? Do we look for the easy way out?

After servicing over 500 clients for 9 years of Personal Training I have noticed 1 interesting thing when it comes to weight loss with almost everyone.

Dieting is the 1st solution 90% of people initially seek out when looking to lose weight.

Why is this?

It is typically because eating less requires way less effort than getting motivated to work out at home alone or joining a gym for that matter.

Physical activity is hard to initiate, never-mind planning what fitness program is best for you and how to actually do it all correctly.

Invest in your fitness. Invest the time, your effort and possibly some extra money for a fitness coach to help you along the way.

Here is a FREE online Nutrition Meal Planner tool that you can use that will help you lose weight through eating.

There are some great exercises in the website as well, along with Yoga and Supplement info.

(Simply register for free, complete your profile, choose your eating plan, then follow the meal plan)

Just remember, that is only half of the battle…

You need to exercise as well. Start off with basic cardiovascular activity like walking, biking or swimming.

Once you have started that, try incorporating strength training. You can do this on your own or with one of my Mobile Personal Trainers.

Adding lean muscle through strength training revs up metabolism far greater than simple aerobic activity. Strength training will also keep you in your Fat Burning zone as well.

Like Nike said, “JUST DO IT”!

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