6 Elliptical Mistakes You Could Be Making

    In 1995 a company by the name of Precor invented the very first elliptical to market. It was introduced to help injured exercise participants reduce joint discomfort while working out. It caught on in the mainstream market and is now a very popular choice of fitness equipment to use at health clubs and [...]

Avoid These 8 Treadmill Mistakes

So you decided to invest in a solid piece of home fitness equipment. Getting a treadmill from a fitness equipment specialty retailer like Spartan Fitness is a wise choice. Whether you purchased a Precor, Life Fitness or BH brand, I applaud you for deciding to start at home. When it comes to home fitness products, [...]

What Fitness Equipment Do I Need For the Home?

One of the many questions we get as at home fitness experts is “what kind of fitness equipment am I going to need in my house to train effectively”?   The home fitness equipment needed really depends upon the individual or the family’s health goals and budget. Let me tell you that there are 1,000’s [...]

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