Why We Switched to 30 Min Home Workouts

      Let’s face it. Life is busy. Real busy. And it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon in the next coming years or decades for that matter. In North America, we live in a very fast paced society. This is the reason why we switched to 30 min home workouts. [...]

Glide Your Way to Fitness Success!

So on Firday of last week it was my friend Mindy Milrea’s Birthday. She is such an inspiration to us all in the fitness industry. Mindy is the person behind one of my favourite fitness products – Gliding Discs. I love these cool little purple discs. They come in plastic for carpet or cloth for [...]

Abs Without Doing a Crunch..?

Hey ladies, If you have a tough time toning your tummy and minimizing that muffin top – try this when training at home. Think compound moves like I have mentioned before. But also think stability and balance exercises. 1 Leg exercises 1 Arm exercises Involve a wobble disc, Bosu or Balance board Use a stability [...]

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