6 Elliptical Mistakes You Could Be Making

    In 1995 a company by the name of Precor invented the very first elliptical to market. It was introduced to help injured exercise participants reduce joint discomfort while working out. It caught on in the mainstream market and is now a very popular choice of fitness equipment to use at health clubs and [...]

Fitness Equipment: Knowledge is Everything

Knowledge, Service, and Experience VS Location and Price When purchasing fitness equipment, choosing a store that specializes in fitness equipment as opposed to a store that sells tires, hardware, dishwashers and many different departments – seems to make the most sense. Let me explain a little more in detail because knowledge is everything. The Specialty [...]

Bad News E-mail (Super Deals)

I’ve got some good news and some bad news…   Let’s talk about the good news 1st.   May is the month we get full swing into Spring with many things going on, like;   – Cinco De Mayo, (ariba) – Mothers Day, (we are all about getting Moms fit) – May 2-Four (Victoria Day), [...]

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