Strong is the New Skinny…


Media has a huge impact on women and body image. Over the past 20 years you have seen a change in the media of what it really means to be “skinny” as a woman. Looking at all these super-skinny models and celebrities on the cover of magazines, many could only dream to have that “that perfect skinny body”.


Just look at this picture above. As times have changed, so has the outlook on the women of every day – showing all kinds of different body types and looks. Thankfully in this day and age its not all about having that frail, thin and tall runway model look. It’s about being healthy and strong in your own skin. She is strong!


When I say strong, I am not talking about becoming a body builder either. That for a woman is not natural. But what I am talking about is, waking up and feeling good about how you look in the mirror or in your own clothes.


If you want to workout and eat right, it should be for you. After-all, it’s a good lifestyle change which will not only help how you feel about yourself but also your overall outlook on life.


“Anything men can do, women can do it better”. This is a quote that has been around for a while. It used to be that only men would weight train and women would mostly do cardio. However, women have got into the mix with weights as well now and it’s becoming much more of a regular site to see – a lady strength training.


Remember, besides actual weights, there are so many different workouts you can do as a women to become strong, fit and not in a body-builder kind of way.



Body Weight Training

This type of training can really lean out a woman due to the weight of ones own body. There are so many exercises you can do like push-ups, squats, lunges and triceps dips to name a few.


Yoga is very empowering and like above, you are using your own body weight to actually strength train. Yoga also helps with balance, stress reduction and flexibility.


One of the most popular workouts on the planet right now are boot-camps. You combine strength training with cardio and a boot-camp is born. Between battle ropes, tire flips, ladder drills and suspension training – boot-camps tend to be very functional workouts for women.


Why be skinny, just be strong!

There are so many different types of exercises you can try and see what best suits you. Just getting out there and pushing yourself to do things you never thought possible is the most rewarding thing you can do as a woman I find.


So take it from me. Don’t focus on losing that last 15 lbs to become skinny. Focus on becoming strong and the skinny will happen naturally. Simply put, become the best person that you can be!


 Natasha Giammarco


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