7 Fitness Tips to Help Keep You Motivated the Whole Year


As an in-home personal trainer with Trainers on Site I like to push my clients beyond their comfort zone so they can make changes. I often remind myself of the quote “if you want to change some things in your life, you need to change some things in your life”. Funny enough, I am often asked by clients “how do you personally keep motivated with your fitness routine and continue to change/evolve”?

So in response I have come up with the 7 ways I keep motivated all year round. This is so that you can achieve your long term fitness goals – not just at New Years when it’s convenient.



  1. Accountability – Become responsible for your own fitness! This can be achieved by scheduling your fitness, planning your meals and setting short term goals (weight loss, successful execution of an exercise, stamina, etc.).
  2. Change of scenery – Switch it up! If you are usually stuck in a gym, try some outdoor activities. Even in the winter time you can get a great workout outside by skating, tobogganing, skiing, snow shoeing and so on. Can’t make it to the gym? Train in home, there are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do to achieve a great workout in the comfort of your own home. Contact me for details: https://www.trainersonsite.com/service-areas/brampton-personal-trainer.
  3. Try something new– Be daring! Take a Step outside of your comfort zone and learn something different. In doing this you will rediscover yourself and your physical and mental capabilities. Trying something new will supercharge your regimen and get you excited about working out.
  4. Make a training date – Plan a date to workout with your significant other, a friend, or a group of friends that is fixed in your calendar. Now you become accountable to not only yourself but to the others in your group  as well– you will not want to let them down and they will not want to let you down.
  5. Competition – Whether we like to admit it or not we are all in some shape or form motivated by a little healthy competition. When training in a class setting, with a group of friends, your significant other or with a personal trainer try your best to be the best and encourage others around you to do the same.
  6. Finances – However you decide to pursue and invest in your fitness, it is important to remember that you are making an investment in yourself and that the days you do not train is money down the drain.
  7. Acknowledge that you are making a lifestyle change – Pursuing personal fitness is not about which gym you belong to, what gear you are wearing or what fitness fads are currently trending. Much like how the majority have become accustomed to eating three square meals a day, so too should you attend to your personal fitness on a daily basis. Remember pursuing personal fitness is your lifelong decision to being a healthier you.


Michele Locke,
Brampton Personal Trainer


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