5 Ways You Can Afford A Personal Trainer On A Budget

Personal Trainer on a Budget

Truth be told, I believe everyone can afford a Personal Trainer. I have come to this realization over the last 10 years while changing people’s lives. Yes, you too can have a personal trainer on a budget.

I have personal trained executives, stay at home mom’s, corporate career women, retail associates…if there was a need, people would find a way. I know I did.

As I was striving toward my 3rd shot at getting my black-belt in Karate, I decided it was time for me to hire a personal trainer too – well, sort of…

Just like you, I thought having my very own coach would be an expensive endeavor? In fact, I could barely afford 1 on 1 coaching from my sensei. It started costing up to $400/month. However, I knew I needed an expert.


Here’s How I Did It

How did I afford it? I simply justified the investment. Non-coaching or lack of 1 on 1 mentoring had led to 2 failed attempts. How many times will we try to do something on our own before we seek the help of an expert? (See the definition of insanity). For me, I swallowed my pride and opened my pocketbook on the 3rd attempt.

Yep, when push came to shove and I had bills to pay like everyone else, I had a spouse to negotiate with and sell the idea on why I needed my very own Karate Personal Trainer. I had to budget for it too.

Sure this meant my typical daily routine of a grande Americano at Starbucks had to diminish to a tall brewed pike place coffee. That saved me $2/day.

I also saved on expensive some-what healthy fast food by brown bagging it more often. Of course, monthly beers with the boys at the bar while watching UFC and the NBA playoffs had to slow down too.


Justifying Your Need

If we want something bad enough we will find a way to justify paying for it – period. It happens to me all the time. I love shiny new objects and my wife hates them; they tend to cost a lot of money most of the time.

However, if it is a bad enough want, I will figure out a way to save or make more money to earn it. This is the essence of delayed gratification.

What will you be willing to give up? What will you be willing to spend or budget toward achieving your best body ever and be able to afford a personal trainer?

You want change, I know this. You have tried it before on your own with little to no success. Listed below are just some of the unsuccessful attempts;


Failed Attempts

  • A new gym membership
  • Weight loss clinics
  • Local boot camps
  • Pre-prepared food to your door
  • DVD workout program
  • Slimming belt
  • Liposuction
  • Measuring food on a scale
  • Weight loss supplements
  • The latest fitness app
  • Invasive surgery

Have you ever tried a personal trainer? If you have, have you ever had a personal trainer come to your door?  This is the ultimate of accountability.

Ok, right about now you might be like “how could I ever afford a personal trainer?” How could you ever not is what I am thinking?

What is changing your body worth to you? $1,000….$5,000 or some liposuction surgeries can cost easily $14,000.  It was worth whatever you paid above, wasn’t it?

Think about the knowledge you learn in terms of exercise form, technique and program design. Of course you learn a little bit about food too. Is paying for personalized knowledge worth money? Of course it is.


5 Ways to Save

So, here are 5 simple ways you can get started with a personal trainer while on a budget;

  1. Start small; you can begin with 30 min sessions 2 – 3 times per week over 90 days. In 90 days you will surely know if the personal trainer is a good one or not. You should have seen some type of transformation. Loose clothes, a lower number on the scale, more energy, greater stamina and a desire to live healthier. This will cost you roughly $450/month.
  2. Finance your personal training; now I am not talking about only using your credit cards or asking for a loan from the bank. We offer a 0% finance program for personal training. This is where you would take your overall amount like $1,500 for a 3 month period and finance it with no interest over 6 – 12 months. Heck, your payments can be as low as $150/month. There is a credit check but we eat the interest. I know of plenty of gyms that are now charging $150/month for large boot camp or group training where as you could get 1 on 1 instruction for the same price.
  3. Save for your new body; now some of my previous clients have even said “what’s the sense of getting my hair and nails done every month covering up what truly needs to be changed – what’s underneath.” The savings can add up. Take-out food goes against your health and fitness goals anyway so why bother? Are there any other habits you can sacrifice to help you save toward your very own personal trainer?
  4. Generate referrals; the best marketing efforts and energy always come from satisfied clients or patrons. In fact, with our business we offer our clients $150 if they refer a new paying client to us. It would take you 4 new referrals/month in order to get free personal training. If you like the service, why not tell people about it and make money? Learn about our personal training referral program.
  5. Get some friends in on it; if you have a small group of friends (4 or less) why not have them join you in your quest to become fit? I know many clients who have trained with us before who simply invited some neighboring girlfriends over 2 x/week for a workout. If you divide the cost, it could end up being only $25/half hour for you.


What Are You Waiting For?

People everyday from all walks of life all around the world are getting started with their very own personal trainer. When will you get started?

Remember, your goals are dreams with deadlines. Let a trainer design a road-map to get you there. You can hire a personal trainer on a budget.

Call us at 1.888.269.1867 for an ultimate and Free Assessment This is where we will assess you to see what you actually need in terms of a program. This is a free 90 minute appointment with a fitness expert.

Also, let me know on our blog below if you have ever tried a personal trainer before?  If so, did it work?  Why or why not?





2 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Afford A Personal Trainer On A Budget”

  1. This is the best advice on personal training I’ve ever seen. I’m 40 and I’m unsure in my present gym and looking for a personal trainer. I’m on a budget so this advice alone could help me before I’m too old. I’m in Ireland and you guys are in America so the advice alone is a huge boost. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the hope for how you can have a personal trainer while living on a budget in a family. I like how you said that there are ways to cut back on other aspects of your life to afford something that will keep you happy and healthy. My husband and I are looking into learning how we can get a fitness training budget that works for us. Thanks for your tips!

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