Our Holiday Referral Challenge Starts Now!

Holiday Referral Challenge
Tis the season to be healthy. The holidays are right around the corner and everyone seems to be getting in on the spirit.

Even us at Trainers On Site. We have decided to run a big promotion in 2 different ways through our very own Holiday Referral Challenge in Milton, Mississauga and Brampton. It runs from Nov 15th – Dec 15th 2016.

So, we have decided to allow all of our clients, friends and email subscribers an opportunity to win your choice of a fitness prize listed below. So here is how it works;


First Way to WIN…


All you have to do is refer the most people to us (minimum 2) for a free fitness assessment appointment or for any type of personal training purchase in order to qualify.


The person who refers us the most amount of people who complete an assessment or who invest in personal training sessions, wins. In the event of a tie, we will have to do a burpee contest. Lol.


Second Way to WIN…


We are heavily promoting our Groupon special offer over the holidays. You can self-gift this to yourself, buy for someone else like a loved one or simply socially share this to your friends for them to buy. Whoever refers us the most amount of Holiday Groupon buys, wins one of the below  mentioned prizes.


  • A FREE FitBit Flex 2 just in time for the holidays.
  • Or you can win $150 off your next personal training package.
  • Or you could even get a free $150 Trainers On Site gift card to give to someone or use yourself if the above options don’t work.


Don’t worry, tracking is easy. Groupon gives us a list of names of the people who buy our offer. In order to keep track of who referred who, we will put a list of names on our Facebook business page of the people who booked with us or who bought any type of session. It will read something like this “Congratulations to Amy Smith who booked a free fitness session with us.”


Our leader board will be posted weekly on our private client Facebook group page to update who the leaders are too.


Share the Groupon of send them our Assessment form.




Friends, family, prospects must book their no obligation to buy  assessment before Dec 20th 2016. Groupon purchasers must book their 1st in person session by Dec 20th 2016. If you have used our service before but it has been 1 year or more since you have trained with us, you can still buy the Groupon for yourself.


Your Groupon has to be used at least 1 x/per week until finished. Remember, we can only service in Mississauga, Milton and Brampton.


Good luck with the Holiday Referral Challenge, hope you win!

Share the Groupon with this Link or share the assessment form Here


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