Why I Decided to Enter the Obstacle Race – Tough Mudder



If you are in the fitness industry and live in North America, there is no doubt you have heard of a new fitness fad trending called “Obstacle Races.” In fact many average fitness participants have heard and even entered this growing trend as participants.



Obstacle Races were initially started up in North America around 2009 with companies like Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder (being one of the toughest). Some races have you perform and compete on time while others simply want you to merely finish for bragging rights and a beer.

The races differ on distances, duration to complete them and of course the severity or challenge difference in obstacles.

This is what attracted me to Tough Mudder. Think Boot-Camps meet Amazing Race meets the actually Army.

I am not an expert on these races, but I know I strive to do things that are very tough. Back in the day I was an avid cross country runner so I am hoping the 11 mile average of this specific mud run won’t be so bad.

What is somewhat alluring, threatening but mysterious as well are some of the obstacles. They almost sound like a cross between a Tony Robbins weekend and the Lake Ontario Polar Bear dipping club. Some are actually called electric shock therapy, fire walk, arctic enema and boa constrictor to name a few.

So, have I gone completely mad? Maybe?

However, my reasons for signing up to the Tough Mudder lie in the 4 C’s


To be completely honest, I am really just totally curious. I am kind of a show off type of guy. I try to look macho for my wife (jokes). Signing up was no problem. It was the videos, pictures and facebook comments after that started to freak me out a bit. In my minds eye, it’s nothing some good solid training and preparation can’t take care of.


As a fitness professional I always strive for team building ideas or events for my clients and fellow trainers to aspire to become better. Why not do this while inspiring and helping others along the way. Why not build a T.E.A.M. (together everyone achieves more) where no man or woman is left behind? Tough Mudder surely will be memorable and I believe it will bring us trainers closer together and never-mind build a tight relationship with our clients and friends.

Conquering Fears,

Isn’t this what life is all about? The more fears you conquer, the stronger you become. I personally am afraid of heights. How about you? Are you looking to conquer any fears? Remember, F.E.A.R. is only false evidence appearing real. It is the story you tell yourself of the situation. Change your story and you change your fear.  This seems to be a big reason for me and my team doing the Tough Mudder.

Create Purposeful Workouts,

Having a team going in allows for group based workouts more often. All of our team members (some clients, friends, Trainers On Site personal trainers) can now have something to chase after and work their butts off even harder for. Weight loss or body building goals only get you so far. A nice mix of circuit training with High Intensity Interval Training will help.

To prepare for the Tough Mudder you need;

  • great lungs
  • agile feet
  • strong legs and arms
  • flexibility
  • and mostly the will to finish!

There are not too many ways to prepare yourself for running through fire, swimming in ice water, jumping off cliffs or being almost electrocuted. Some exercises will help prepare us like ladder drills, pull-ups, burpees and running hills. Once per week I will start training myself with these type of workouts and involve my team of course.

The flexibility in preparation, training routines and sheer adrenaline is what attracts most personal trainers, including this one. I am gathering a team of trainers, clients and friends for the Trainers On Site team Sept 29th 10am 2013.  Hoo Rah!!!

Have you done the Tough Mudder or any other type of obstacle race, mud run or adventure race? What are your thoughts? Did you do a specific training regimen to prepare? Let us know.


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  1. Hey Rob,

    I have a few people who are going to sign up; you should have seen two people join. What day are we doing the event; Sunday?

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