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Here is one of my clients and real great friend (inspiration to all Mom’s in Milton and beyond…)

n775930130_7206Hi! I’m Janice, also known as the Fitness Cheerleader, I’m a busy mom of three beautiful daughters: 6 yr old Sierra, 4 yr old Brooke, and 10 month old Amber. In my spare time I train for, and run half marathons. Rob has asked me to share with you how I find the time to exercise.

How does a mom of three find time to exercise?
Ahhh – that’s a great question! I’ve learned over the past 6 years that if I make fitness a PRIORITY I’m a much happier mom – and my kids can see that. Here’s how I find the time:

  • I include the kids.
    Kids LOVE to be active. They also LOVE attention from mommy and daddy. Sometimes I run WITH my kids – I push baby Amber in the jogging stroller while Sierra and Brooke ride their bikes. I pretend to be a monster chasing them, and they all love it. Another thing we do is to play fitness class, Sierra, my oldest, likes to be the trainer telling myself and Brooke what to do. What Sierra lacks in fitness knowledge, she makes up for in creativity – the goal is really to elevate our heart rates for 30 min or more. Baby Amber likes to crawl around under neath us, giggling the whole time. Working out with the kids is a great way to fit some exercise in for you, and some entertainment for them.
  • I PLAN my workouts.
    Fitness doesn’t just happen. If I waited until I *felt* like working out, I’d never exercise. On Sunday nights I draft up a blog post on my fitness blog planning out what I’ll accomplish for the next week. I look at our family schedule and pick out times when I can workout. I plan out how far I can run in the time available, and I plan strength training and running days. Planning is the biggest determining factor in whether I’ll workout or not.
  • I’m flexible.
    While I would LOVE to have a set fitness schedule, yanno, to work out at the same time every day, it’s not possible in my household. I’m the chauffeur for the kids, walking them to and from school, driving them around to swimming, skating, gymnastics and hockey. Oh and my husband travels for business often, and I’m not talking a day or two either – I’m talking 2-3 weeks at a time. So I’m flexible. When hubby is home I go to bed early and run before the family wakes up, when he’s away I run with the kids after school and work OR if I need to do a longer run, I run on my lunch break at work. I also have a trainer from Trainers On Site meet me on my lunch break at work to lead me through a body weight strength workout. Remaining flexible – fitting a half an hour or an hour whenever I can has allowed me to reach goals I never thought possible, like completing a half marathon.
Finding the time isn’t the easiest, it really takes a strong desire to be healthy, but having the energy to care for, and keep up with my family has been a BIG motivator to me. A wise person (I’m not sure who) once said:
You can have fitness, or excuses NOT both.
Which do you choose?

Janice Smith exercises to maintain her sanity and shares motivation daily on her fitness blog.

I, your Milton Personal Trainer Robert Foster – recommend reading her blog!!!

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