Are Lousy Questions Causing You to Stay Overweight?

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The new year has come and gone and we are full swing now into 2014. You can tell where we are calendar wise not only by the weather but also by how the gyms are emptying and social media sites are slowing their fitness promotions.



Hopefully you are still on the fitness wagon? If you are, good for you! Keep it going! If you’re not, then the questions you may or may not have asked yourself could be the root causes of your derailed path. In fact, these questions can be leading to your potential weight gain.


What do I mean?


When you initially made your decision to lose weight, get healthy and toned etc… Did you ask yourself what you wanted to achieve exactly to a Tee? Did you break it down to;


  • the exact size
  • the exact shape
  • the exact body fat percentage
  • the exact time frame


Things to keep in mind,


Did you ask yourself what it would mean to you if you achieved exactly what you desired? How different would life be in your new body? What would it do for your outlook or your self-esteem? How would you know you have reached your desired goal? These are all great questions to ask.


Who is involved?


Did you ask yourself with whom you were going to achieve this goal with:


  • alone
  • with your spouse or partner
  • as a family


Back to the drawing board


If you aren’t where you need to be right now, it’s ok. Don’t forget, it’s never too late to get back on the wagon. Just restructure your game plan. Ask yourself “What stops me from already achieving my goal”? This will give you an idea of what you have to do next.




Once you have all the reasons why you haven’t yet achieved your goals already, ask yourself what resources will you require to make your desired outcome a reality? List all resources possible:


  • participate in a local community fitness program
  • socialize with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts
  • hire a trainer to help you exercise safely and effectively
  • hire a nutritionist to keep you accountable to food choices


The To Do List,


After doing that it will make for a clearer picture of what needs to be done to get back on the wagon. Lastly, ask yourself how you are going to get there? Breaking it down to what you need to do:


  • hourly
  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly


This will help put your goal into action and get you back on track. Having a specific plan and breaking it down makes for a doable goal while making it attainable in no time.


Question; What questions do you think you need to ask yourself?


Put them up on our blog in the comment section.



By Michelle Foster,

Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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