Local Fitness Guy interviews TOP Fitness Guru

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One of my hero’s in Fitness is a guy buy the name of Peter Twist. He has coached a vast variety of sport professionals from the likes of Mark Messier to Hakeem Olajawon. He has produced numerous research articles, authored plenty of books and has created one of the best systems to fitness training I have ever seen.

Peter is a phenomenal fitness expert especially when it comes to sport specific training and functional training.

Now, Trainers On Site has some clients who are young aspiring athletes and some who are recreational weekend warriors. These clients love our expertise and tools we bring to help improve their game.

However the majority of our clients are everyday people looking to improve the quality of their lives through exercise, combating the battle of the bulge, trimming inches and trying to get into skinny jeans again.

Well, Peter gives the “Skinny” on Smart Muscle Training v.s. traditional bodybuilding exercises and how Smart Muscle Training can really help you (our clients at home) become much more functionally fit.

Take it away Peter. (By the way, all Trainers On Site trainers are becoming Twist Bronze level certified – min)

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