Kingsway Personal Training Guide

Kingsway Personal Training

If you are looking for some guidance with your fitness program, I recommend seeking the help of a business that offers Kingsway Personal Training.

Personal trainers come in a variety of services and personnel to choose from. You can get a personal trainer who comes directly to your home like us, find one from a local recreation centre, or hire one from a large health club or niche fitness studio. There is 1 on 1 personal training, small group personal training and corporate personal training too.

This is a guide to help you choose where you might want to look in order to hire your local Kingsway Personal Trainer.

If you’re looking to keep your fitness options strictly in the Kingsway section of Etobicoke then unfortunately your options are somewhat limited. The good news is that although there may be few options, there is a lot of variety.

Big Box Gym

For example, if you like the whole big box gym idea, then look no further than Goodlife Fitness, located on the corner of Bloor & Islington. It’s found in that office building on the corner and is your prototypical Goodlife.

Fitness Studio

If big corporate gyms intimidate you then you can always try a smaller studio gym like BodyWise, located at Bloor & Royal York. It’s a more intimate setting and has more than enough personal trainers to help you with your fitness goals in the Kingsway location.

Fitness Boot Camp

Next we have the boot camps. With the right Kingsway Personal Trainer and a manageable client-to-trainer ratio, boot camps can be an effective, fun, and safe method to lose/maintain weight. However if the trainer is unqualified and the ratio exceeds 15-to-1 or more, the risk of injury increases dramatically. Fit 1 and Body Buster are 2 great choices that offer classes throughout the Kingsway and Etobicoke area.

Kingsway Personal Training in the Home

Lastly, in-home personal training. One of the more established in-home personal training businesses in the Kingsway is ours – Trainers On Site. We go to clients homes across the Kingsway, Etobicoke, and Toronto region. We show up even when you don’t want to.

Our Kingsway in-home personal trainers bring a variety of equipment and provide you with a proven fitness plan to get results. We systematically track your workouts to measure your fitness success. Trainers On Site trainers are the only Kingsway and Etobicoke Personal Training service to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Remember, with Trainers On Site there is no monthly membership fee. Just mobile personal training rates between $45 – $95/session. Some of our clients are paying as low as $20/session for small group training. Try us out with our Kingsway Personal Training  Special Offer – 2 sessions for $75!

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  1. I am taking boxing conditioning classes. I am 46. I am doing push-ups and other shoulder exercises. I want to do them right because i don’t want to get injured. Can I meet with someone so I develop the right form.

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