How to Stay Motivated


Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes hard work to change old habits and create new ones. You train hard, your body might ache. You might think it’s easier to just throw in the towel. How do you stay motivated to keep on the weight loss journey? Here are 10 ways to stay motivated

  1. Clean out the closet! Take out anything and everything that is too big. By seeing all the clothes that don’t fit you any more, it gives you a little pick-me up. By getting rid of them, you can’t fall back on old ways.
  2. Take your measurements. The scale only tells you part of the story. If you started your weight loss journey knowing your measurements, keeping them in a diary will be a good reminder of where you started. The scale might not be moving, but you have been working out and building muscle. Get your measurements done and see how the measurements have changed.
  3. Focus on how you feel.  Losing weight and toning up take time. But there are other side effects to this journey. Are you sleeping better? Do you have more energy during the day? How you are you feeling?
  4. Pictures. You live in your body and may not notice the changes. Look at old pictures! You get to see how far you have come and in some cases why you don’t want to go back.
  5. Re-evaluate your goals. Maybe your goals and expectations are too high. If your goal is to lose 100lbs it can be a bit overwhelming. Break them down to keep them achievable and measurable. Nothing more discouraging than something that seems out of reach.
  6. Celebrate your milestones. This goes back a bit to tip 5. If you have broken down your goals into smaller more achievable ones, celebrate the milestones. Buy a new piece of equipment or workout gear. Do something for you that makes you feel good without sabotaging all of your efforts.
  7. Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone. Trying something new might give you the challenge you are looking for or might inject a bit of fun back into your everyday.
  8. Make it a competition. Recruit family or friends to join you in your workouts or weight loss. You can put money on it or chores. Who can do more squats push-ups? Get the kids and run? Last one gets bathroom duty for a week?
  9. Ask yourself “Why”.  Why did you decide to lose weight in the first place? Are you doing it so you can keep up with your kids? Are you doing it because of health reasons (diabetes, heart disease). Get back to the reasons why you started.
  10. Apps. Like almost everything in life now, there’s an app for that. Using fitness apps brings a good way of tracking your progress but also joining a community. It gives you a social and supportive platform that can keep you motivated by seeing your daily, weekly, monthly progress and having cheerleaders along the way.

Yes changing your mindset and staying motivated is a big part in this weight loss journey. You want to lose weight permanently so this is a journey in changing your lifestyle. It will have twists and turns along the way, but having things to keep you focused and reminders of why you are doing it will make it easier and more manageable.



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