How Much Space is Needed For a Workout Session?

This is a frequently asked question us mobile personal trainers get all the time. “How much workout space do I actually need when exercising”?


6 ft x 6 ft is the short answer.


It really depends on what equipment is involved and what house structure setting you live in? We really love personal training clients in basement workout areas and living room exercise space.


Basements are great because all basements have stairs that lead down there and with stairs you can maximize fat burning while training legs and improving cardiovascular conditioning all at the same time.


Aside from the stairs, basements have large open areas, doors leading to storage rooms and support beams. The large open areas are great for cardio movements and using different varieties of fitness equipment. The storage room doors can have pull up bars attached over-top and exercise bands connected with an attachment while closed. Structure beams are exceptionally well for the resistance bands due to the multiple adjustment heights and strong standing support which will allow you really to push or pull that exercise tubing.



The drawbacks of basements are lack of lighting, dust, some being unfinished and often no electricity for TV’s or music to accompany your workout.


Spaces like living rooms are great because there are typically plenty of doors to choose from for hooking up your exercise bands, they tend to be very clean and tidy and most living rooms have plenty of readily available electronic devices to keep you entertained. Another advantage of living room space is that most will have plenty of natural light and artificial lighting to keep your workout area bright too. They are great areas to lay down an exercise mat too.


The only downfalls to a living room workout space would be the fact that they are normally the hub of the house with plenty of distractions and sometimes fragile objects in cabinets that if jostled could get broken.


Your 6 x 6 fitness area will allow a home fitness enthusiast to perform squats, lunges in place, push-ups, bent over rows, yoga poses and multiple ab exercises. It will even be suffice for some cardio on the spot too.


So, even though in the perfect world having a fully outfitted home-gym in your house would be the ideal solution, it doesn’t have to be the only one. Don’t make lack of planning, money for renovations, or lack of exercise space – reasons to not exercise at home. Your house could serve as the best fitness centre you have ever attended.


Workout Space


The workout space you actually need could be in existence already. It’s up to you to create it.


Let us know if we can help you create a more usable fitness space in your house. It could be in your garage, basement or living room?



5 thoughts on “How Much Space is Needed For a Workout Session?”

  1. Great article! Most people do not realize that all they need is 6ft by 6ft to workout, way to educate the masses. Another great point of the in home personal training and not having a huge space is that it is really back to basics in regards to exercise which is one of the up and coming workout trends. People have been using their body weight for centuries to workout why not still use it!

  2. Good info. when travelling we have used a long hallway to get our workout it. If it’s important for you I guess you make what little space you have work. I have to say in good weather I still prefer the outdoor workouts.

  3. Good article. I’m building a new house within my barn/shop. 3,000SQ FT. I want a 4″ thick concrete floor with rubber floor covering it. I’m thinking a 12′ X 12′ X 9′ ceiling, 2 dolor tube lights, one large window, one solid core entry door from kitchen, 2 large mirrors, small refrigerator for cold drinks, remote control TV/radio ( Fox News , & Country), outside covered patio, row mechine, elliptical , ski machine, weights barbell hand weights.
    Any suggestions????

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