How Much Floor Space is Needed For A Home Gym



The amount of space you need for your home gym is relative to your workout program.  If your workout routine consists of full body compound movements such as squats, walking lunges, or snatches (say, with a barbell), then you will need more space for your home gym. Compare this to someone that has a routine of isolated movements like leg extensions or bicep curls – they need very little space. Determine your fitness purpose and that will determine the equipment needed to perform the exercises.


Home Gym Models


In terms of a foot print, home gyms such as the Hoist V Express and the Life Fitness G2 are about 4.5 ft wide by 6 ft long and 7 ft high. These are great options for your home gym space if you mainly focus on isolated body building type movements. If your home fitness routine requires more dynamic movements for sports or general better mobility, it would be more ideal to look at a functional trainer like a cable gym perhaps.


Functional Home Gyms


Functional trainers or cable gyms like the Hoist V6, Life Fitness G7 and the Vectra 1650 are home gym space savers.  They have a smaller foot print and are designed to fit in a corner of your room, giving you the most bang for your buck—square footage wise that is. The only thing to remember is; try doing functional movements while in it at the store and determine the extra floor space needed while completing the repetition or exercise.


Home Gym Ceiling Height?


If your concern is with ceiling height, a great option is the Vectra 1450 home gym. Its design allows you to adjust the height of the machine from 6’6” to 6’11”.


For planning your home gym space, I recommend Life Fitness’s room planner (  This tool will give you a basic idea of how much space you have and how much space your home gym will need.


Whatever your home gym space question is, ask us at Spartan Fitness and we will be sure to help with a free consultation.


By Matt Patterson, Spartan Fitness Newmarket


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  1. Good info Matt! I’m sure each person has a different picture in their head of what a perfect home gym would be. For me ceiling height is much more important then the overall sq footage. It all comes down to the person’s ability to make the best of the space they have available. I know Spartan has many options to accommodate all of this.

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