Fitness for Busy Moms


Being a mom is a full time job that sometimes doesn’t allow you lunch or bathroom breaks. How are you supposed to make time for fitness? I get it! However, I am also telling you that it is possible!

  • Schedule a time and stick to it. This is your YOU time. Put it in the calendar and treat it like an important meeting. You wouldn’t cancel on your boss because you are tired. Don’t cancel on yourself. You deserve time for YOUR health.
  • Walk your kids to school. Most schools in our area are trying to make zoning walkable distances. Walk to and from instead of hoping in the car. You can always add the extra challenge by doing walking lunges for a stretch or jumping jacks at cross walks.
  • Play with your kids. If they see you being active with them, they will be active.
  • Join a kid friendly gym. Most gyms now offer reliable childcare. Sometimes you need that peace of mind knowing your kids are being looked after properly.
  • Get your kids involved with the workout. Kids think it’s a game and have fun with it, babies make good weights while interacting with you.
  • Team up with a friend who will show up and push you. If your kids are young make it a fitness play-date. While the kids are playing, instead of sipping coffee on the couch, why not team up and do a workout.
  • Make it convenient. Set up your workout clothes, water and shoes the night before.
  • DVD’s. The selection is endless. You are bound to find something that appeals to you and your fitness level. Check out any BeachBody program.
  • Workout while doing housework. Scrubbing floors and bathrooms will get you sweating. But squat while folding the laundry, or sit on a stability ball. Putting the clothes away upstairs? Do the stairs 2 at a time.
  • Fitness at the park while the kids play. It is called a jungle gym. Do tricep dips on the benches or step ups. Swing on the monkey bars, run in the sand and do plyo-jumps on the platforms.
  • Make it portable. Skipping ropes and resistance bands are great to bring with you to soccer practice. Use any light-post as a base for the band
  • Be efficient. Combining multiple muscles groups in one exercise (functional training).
  • Get an in-home trainer. Enough said

As moms, we always want to be there for our family. We can’t really be there though if we don’t make time to take care of ourselves. It’s time to carve out regular YOU time. You won’t regret it & your kids will thank you for it.


Krista Chan, Admin Assistant & Mom of 3



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