Fascia Stretch Therapy, is it for You?

Fascia Stretch Therapy

Before you answer this question lets first explain what is “Fascia” and how it works.


Fascia Basics


Fasciae are similar to ligaments & tendons. Ligaments connect bone to another bone, tendons connect muscles to bones but fascia is the connective tissue surrounding the muscles or other structures.  There are 3 types of fascia;


  • Superficial  Fascia (it’s all over the body)
  • Deep Fascia (this provides a sliding and gliding environment for muscles, transmits movements and supports nerves & bloods vessels as they pass through muscles)
  • Visceral Fascia (this suspends the organs in their proper place)



Unhealthy Fascia


Unhealthy fascia will cause imbalances in your speed, strength and agility. Age, poor posture, trauma, injuries, poor diet & lifestyle can all cause your fasciae to tighten and distort leading to joint, muscle, tendons and/or ligament pain or discomfort.



What is Fascia Stretch Therapy?


It is a non-aggressive table based assisted stretching method. It will help improve joint range motion, strength, speed & flexibility. It can improve your recovery time and performance in fitness.



Who Should do Fascia Stretch Therapy


If the description sounds like you, do not despair! Fascia Stretch Therapy can get you back on track and rebuild your body! From professional athletes to weekend warriors, those recovering from joint surgery or injury. Let’s be honest, who can’t afford a bit of extra specialized stretching & flexibility to help them continue training and get stronger?

If this is something you might be interested in or would like more details about, contact us at tomb@trainersonsite.com


Tom Beslic, Oakville Personal Trainer



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