How Do I Get Motivated To Exercise?

How do we get motivated to do anything? Is it because some things in life are a must and others are not? Assumming every human being would love to spend their whole day doing recreational things that are fun instead of working 40hrs or more per week (although my job is amazingly fun)?


But we have to work to get a paycheck to pay for daily living. The job is a must whether we like it or not.


The problem lies in what we think is a must, right? Things that are not a must would require motivation to partake in. It seems as though some of the population thinks exercise is not a must. They can get by without improving their blood flow, lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure and preventing diabetes to name a few. Yeah right? Stop fooling yourself and start exercising.


If you have made a decision that exercise is a must, you will just do it come heck or high water (little motivation required).


But if you are having problems getting started think about the reasons why you need to exercise. Think about the energy you will gain and all the improvements you will make overall. This might trigger the need to get moving?


Here are some ideas for Exercise Motivation;



 Many times when people are looking for exercise motivation at home we suggest to refer to pictures of famous fitness models or athletes. Try looking at the potential body you can attain or desire to emulate. Also remind yourself of the dedication and work it took to become the best athlete in their sport on the planet. Research their bio or their story and discover what they did. Look at their regimens and commitments. They probably had to eat clean, workout religiously, get plenty of rest and believe they can achieve their desired results. Those athletes generally will have great motivational quotes as well to read.


Tip; Try keeping your favourite fitness icons image on your bathroom mirror. Every day while brushing your teeth you might internally ask “What would Jillian do”?



 Upbeat energy music rocks. High Beats Per Minute (BPM) gets you motivated to exercise due to its fast tempo. It could be rock, house, rap, dubstep or numerous others…. Music moves most people and it gets our hearts  pumping. Scientifically it is proven to help you exercise faster and longer.


Tip; Get a great fitness radio app on your smartphone like FitRadio. Different genres of high intensity workout music everyone could like.




Making it a part of your schedule helps. As Mobile Personal Trainers we put exercising in as a regular calendar appointment in my smart phone or online calendar, re-occurring in fact because we get busy too.  Alarms even help remind us to train and eat often. We track our workout sessions to ensure we see proper progress. This motivates us to see how many workouts we have completed in a month.


Tip; My Fitness Pal is a great smartphone app to track food and workouts on the go.



Competitive sports whether it be team-related or individual motivates us to push harder, be more athletic, eat proper for energy and repairing and strive for greatness. Sports will typically be on a consistent schedule as well, not just drop in.


Tip; Have a goal of winning a trophy, medal, belt or something tangible that you can see and hold. It will help focus on following through.




Try announcing your workout plans for the day. Tell everyone.  Proclaim your fitness goals to the world. Mention your daily fitness regimen on facebook or twitter. When you become socially accountable you feel obligated to follow through on what you said. Others will be watching, asking and wishing they could do the same. Who knows, you might unintentionally inspire others to achieve greatness?


Tip; There are so many sharing devices and apps on these platforms – it is really all about preference. Whatever is easiest is obviously the best option. Share consistently. Who knows, maybe even create your own accountability community online?


You can get motivation from external sources like mentioned above. Internal motivation is a wrestle deep inside your mind and subconscious. Only you can determine why you need to become healthier, live longer and lead a greater quality of life.


There are so many obvious reasons as to why exercise. Now ask yourself “why not”? No excuses…


Let us know with comments below on how you stay motivated to exercise. Also, let us know if you need help staying motivated to exercise at home.


We would be honoured to be your Exercise Motivation!

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  1. Great article! I think the #1 reason I hear from people to not workout is that they lack motivation. I use music to help me get in a good workout. Another idea to stay motivated is to think about that favorite dress or pair of jeans that you would like to wear again. Think of the satisfaction you would feel when you put on that outfit you couldn’t fit into…you’ll feel fabulous!

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