6 Elliptical Mistakes You Could Be Making

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In 1995 a company by the name of Precor invented the very first elliptical to market. It was introduced to help injured exercise participants reduce joint discomfort while working out. It caught on in the mainstream market and is now a very popular choice of fitness equipment to use at health clubs and at the home.

Ellipticals are a great fitness tool but it is also important to know if you are using your elliptical correctly and effectively. Listed here in this report will be the top 6 elliptical mistakes you could be making. Avoid them to be sure your exercise experience is a great one every time.


Mistake #1.

You are not wearing the appropriate clothing. Ellipticals typically have a lot of moving parts. Unlike a treadmill where you might only have to worry about your legs moving, most ellipticals integrate your arms as well. This is why people often gravitate to them over treadmills.

When using your elliptical ensure that you wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. At the same time, make sure your attire is not so baggy as to get caught up in the arm or leg stride. Think about keeping any type of shoelace or drawstrings away and not hanging loose so you don’t make this dangerous elliptical mistake.


Mistake #2.

You stay flat footed. An elliptical is meant to make your body engage in a natural running type motion. When a person runs, they never hit the ground with their sole flat all at once.

Make sure to allow your heel to naturally come off the pedal like you would when running. Keeping your heel flat can be ok for a limited time but you might find it straining on certain leg muscles.



Mistake #3.

You only go one way. Another one of the elliptical mistakes I often see is people only going forward. We are meant to move your legs and arms in a circular motion forward and backward. Doing both motions will engage different muscles while also allowing for rest periods of repetitive joint actions.

This could be a very important elliptical mistake you need to pay attention to so you can fully utilize your piece of fitness equipment.


Mistake #4.

You don’t use the other programs. On an elliptical there can be many different programs depending upon the model. For example, Precor and other most other well-known manufacturers make their basic models with different programs built in.

These programs will typically be interval based like random, intervals, hill, weight loss and sometimes heart rate based. The great thing about ellipticals that I like is that resistance applies automatically based on the program chosen. So why do ‘Quick Start’?


Mistake #5.

You don’t push or pull. When you use an elliptical you can engage pushing and pulling muscles by using mental focus and the resistance button.

The built in programs will start the resistance but you need to think about pressing forward with the arms of the elliptical to engage your chest, shoulders, triceps, quads and glutes while the resistance is hard. If you mentally focus on pulling back, your back muscles, biceps and hamstrings get activated. Don’t make one of these simple elliptical mistakes.


Mistake #6.

You don’t pay attention to the RPM. RPM stands for revolution per minute. Is it crucial to pay attention to your RPM? Well, depends on who you ask or what your fitness goal is?

I make sure my personal training clients always pay attention to the RPM. Think about it. If you are training at an RPM of 35 vs training at 65 revolutions per minute, you won’t be working as hard. The more revolutions you complete in a minute the harder your workout becomes.


Ellipticals are a great full body cardiovascular workout machine. The reason why so many people like them is because ellipticals are easy on your joints (due to the non-impact movements) while getting you to burn a lot of calories at the same time.


If you are looking to avoid these elliptical mistakes or need more information on what elliptical might be best for you and your home, check out the Fitness Equipment Specialists at Spartan Fitness


Remember, there’s no one size fits all fitness equipment solution for your home gym. Your ideal workout space must match your fitness needs and goals. You can also have a look at this fitness equipment experts guide for finding the best elliptical for any fitness level.

Thank you, mobile personal trainer Robert Foster


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