The Most Effective Home Fitness Training Tool


Most Effective Home Fitness Training Tool


At Trainers On Site we specialize in home fitness. We’re experts at what it takes to get in the best shape your life you ever thought possible, right in the comfort of your own home. This is why we know what is the most effective home fitness training tool you have at home already. Best thing is, it’s free!


Your Stairs

Whether you live in a two-story home, bungalow or condo even, everyone has access to flights of stairs. Stairs can be 4 steps high or 1,776 steps high like the CN Tower. As a general rule of thumb, I would aim to climb at least 10 steps per ascend in elevation in order to get in an effective workout. Remember to consider the average step height is about 8 inches and there are landings involved sometimes as well.

I am not one to poo-poo on treadmills and ellipticals by the way. I just think people make too many excuses. Stairs are often overlooked because we have them already as a by-product of our shelter. We use them as a means to climb or descend elevation up or down. Some of us climb one step at a time while others might climb every two steps? Regardless, many of us use stairs daily but I think society needs to use them even more.


Why They Work

Which ever way you use the stairs, you’ll probably notice they get you huffing and puffing. Many of my clients tell-tale signs of needing a change in their overall health comes from this realization. They often say to me “I just want to be able to climb the stairs better without being short of breath.” Here are the reasons as to why stair-climbing seems so tough and works so well;


  • The 1st being that the exertion is due to a change in elevation with your body. This requires you to consume more oxygen.
  • The 2nd is because it involves multiple muscles to be working together, like your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, calves and many foot muscles.
  • You’ll also find that stair-climbing involves both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. Cardiovascular conditioning and strength training in one exercise.


Effective Stair-climbing Workout Tips;

  • Never descend or go down the stairs more than one step at a time,
  • Count or track your stair climbing with time or sets,
  • Climb steadily, jog up or mix it up like HIIT,
  • Try double stepping or climbing 2 steps at a time,
  • If you feel comfortable and you have a railing on your stairs try jumping up the stairs every step or 2 steps,


Try the Effective Home Fitness Training Tool

Make a promise to yourself, start using the stairs more. Will your heart rate race a little more than at rest? Yes of course it will. Will you get a little red in the face, internally heat up a bit and maybe break a little sweat even? Yes. But ask yourself if it is worth it? Is it worth it to improve your overall quality of life by stair-climbing more? Of course it is.

Utilize the most effective home fitness training tool more often…the stairs. If you want us to come to your home or condo and show you the many different ways stairs can help you get in great shape, give us a call. 1.888.269.1867 or visit our Free Assessment page.


10 thoughts on “The Most Effective Home Fitness Training Tool”

  1. Hi Rob
    Totally agree – with the FitBit I do stairs daily to reach my goal – 10 stairs a day minimum and yes they are challenging! Thanks for the tip

  2. Great suggestion re the “steps”, as home exercise equipment. How long daily should one climb up-down like this? 5-10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day?

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