Why We Crave Chocolate?

If you have a piece of chocolate once or twice a year, you can skip this topic. However, if you crave chocolate, and would do anything to obtain it, then read on……….

A craving for chocolate can sometimes be the body’s craving for magnesium, since chocolate contains large amounts of magnesium. This is true for women who crave it right before menstruating or those who have PMS. Magnesium helps mediate the symptoms of PMS as it is involved in the manufacture of progesterone. A lack of magnesium can lead to a insufficient progesterone levels, producing the PMS symptoms we are all too familiar with. (If not ask your husbands/partners he will refresh your memory LOL!!)

Our bodies are so great let us know what it needs. Chocolate is rich in magnesium. However, it is also high in caffeine like substance theobromine, that over stimulates the adrenals leading to adrenal fatigue. Much of the fine balancing of the sex hormones is the adrenals responsibility, the increase in adrenal fatigue leads to the increase in PMS. So, chocolate ends up increasing PMS even though it contains magnesium.

Next time you are craving chocolate, use it as a reminder to get your magnesium from some other source. The best form to buy is one that contains magnesium citrate, its readily available, easily absorbed, and effective. For severe cases of PMS, take it all month long. For mild cases, take it during ovulation, until the next cycle starts. That should reduce the cravings rapidly. Physical cravings for chocolate should decrease often within one or two weeks after supplementation has begun, and should disappear as long as the amount of magnesium intake is adequate.

For a supplement that can greatly help with those cravings, go to


Go under Health, Promotion and Goal Support

Also, foods high in magnesium are:



Cashews and other nuts

Sesame seeds (brown)

Whole wheat



Next time your craving chocolate, try one of the food options above or Truestar’s True Craving.

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