Companies Need to STOP Paying for Fitness Classes


Corporate Fitness Classes


Here at Trainers On Site we go to peoples homes and work places. We are in the business of onsite fitness. If you are short on time and can’t get to a gym, we can bring it to you. A seemingly very popular service we have is onsite corporate fitness classes.

However, corporate fitness or corporate wellness can be a touchy subject for many companies in North America. While Many Fortune 500 companies pride themselves on being leaders in this category, others are not so quick to raise their hands.

My Corporate Fitness Views

What I found was that the bigger corporations often attract new recruits with added wellness bonuses to impress applicants and maybe the public? They entice potential new staff with things like;

  • yearly fitness allowance amounts
  • online nutrition portals
  • onsite corporate fitness classes
  • quarterly or yearly fitness assessments and more…

However, what they don’t mention is that these bonuses might be taken away at any given moment and are not an entitled right to have.

Often I’ve seen new CEO’s or VP’s step in and eliminate any additional “Fat” so to speak. They look like or are perceived as company saviours because in one short swoop the new leader shaves off the books $150,000 /yr in an instant.

In the short term this may seem like a simple money saving decision. But In the corporate fitness world I’ve come to realize nothing is easy to measure. “Employee wellness” being one of the hardest and requiring years of traceable data.

Corporations are Doing it Wrong.

While corporations have their employees and company profits top of mind and in best interests – they are going about it the wrong way. When you give something away for free it is always taken for granted over time.

Take the Region of Peel for example. We have been offering corporate fitness classes to their employees for the past 10 years. Not once has the region paid for their employee classes.

I think this is a good move. When you have a personally invested interest in something you are more likely to see it through. Employees paying for their own corporate fitness classes works great for themselves but the company also saves money every year on a committed investment.

Also, long term the corporation will be able to see great wellness data due to employee involvement. In my opinion, the long term health of the company relies on which employees;

  • stay the longest,
  • has less sick days,
  • can operate effectively and productively over time,
  • costs the company the least in health benefits

Try Corporate Fitness Classes

So, if you are a company of any size and you are looking for your employees to be more productive at the workplace, I suggest you implement on-site corporate fitness classes that are employee paid. Take any space that is a 20 x 20 area and you have a makeshift fitness studio.

We simply push the tables and chairs aside, set aside 30 – 45 min and bring in (or ask the employee to bring)  exercise mats. We take care of instructor scheduling  as well. A simple fitness solution like this works best.

If this is something you might want to consider, contact us for a free corporate fitness class consultation. We can demo a class, make suggestions for fitness class structure and discuss payment structure details.

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by Robert Foster.

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