Mobile personal trainer asks "How savvy is your fitness knowledge"?

When it comes to exercise, us at Trainers On Site like to think we know fitness! One of our favorite websites to frequent is Discovery Health. Discovery health has plenty of factual information and sometimes cool activites to do within their website. For example check out this excersie fitness test. It takes only 5 minutes [...]

Train with a Buddy!

Very cool product from my good buddy Marc Lebert. His fitness inventions are awesome. This video was very impromptu. I was getting a coffee from Starbucks and on my way to taking my daughter to school. Marc called me up and asked if I wanted any Buddy Systems to torture my clients and myself at [...]

Mobile Personal Trainer on Resistance Training Equipment

Hey guys, On this post I want to discuss what type of equipment do you use with your resistance training. Are you a believer of Bands? Do you benefit from Barbells? Or do dumbbells deliver? Bands… I like bands personally for many different reasons; They are portable They are affordable They provide varied resistance With [...]

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