Benefits of Swimming for Weight-loss


Now that the weather is nice and warm it could be time to take your workout to the pool?

Why would you ever want a pool workout when it comes to trying to lose weight, you might ask?

Here listed below are 7 reasons that come to our mind;

  1. In water, your weight is partially supported and your movements are slowed. So this reduces the chance of injury for those who are overweight and have sore joints caused from repetitive impact on the ground. Swimming is a great low impact exercise.
  2. Water offers a constant, gentle resistance allowing the intensity to be varied to suit all fitness levels. Move fast or slow while swimming and your resistance changes giving you a varying workout.
  3. The decrease effect of gravity allows the joints to move more easily through a wider range of motion and improve flexibility.
  4. Moving through water is 12 times more dense than air, making swimming a good option as a resistance based or anaerobic type exercise.
  5. Healthier heart-swimming is an aerobic exercise which helps strengthen the heart. Whether you simply tread water or do continuous laps, the heart and lungs are greatly worked for an overall cardiovascular workout.
  6. It’s great for weight control and staying in shape. Swimming is known to be one of the biggest calorie burning exercises
  7. For those of us that might get over-heated while exercising, swimming is such a great alternative for a truly cool workout.

So if you are looking to lose weight this summer, simply hop into your pool and get active.

Natasha Giammarco  – Vaughan Personal Trainer



1 thought on “Benefits of Swimming for Weight-loss”

  1. Hey Natasha,

    I just did a pool workout with a client today. Crazy hard!!! Cardio and muscles blasted!

    Swimming with a ‘purpose’ of exercising is tough!

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