Your Back to School Fitness Routine

Back to School Back to Fitness

September is a great time to “re-start.” Why wait until New Years to set that weight-loss resolution? The back to school routine is a great time to set new goals and get back on track.

I hear you saying it “but there is no time! Kids have homework, need lunches, have school activities.” With just a little bit of prep and planning you can get back on track with a back to school fitness routine.


First of all set a goal (or goals) and be specific. You can make it short term and achievable to start. “I will lose 10lbs in 30 days”. You can make it less about the number on the scale and more about getting active. “I will do a 30 minute workout 3 days a week”.


Most schools now have a lunch policy of balanced healthy meals, no junk food. Why should you be any different? While you are packing your kids lunch, pack an extra one for yourself. Fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are all great snacks to have on hand and can be carted around on the go (good for work).
Thermos’ with hot or cold lunches are great if you aren’t a sandwich person and can leave you feeling pretty satisfied (not to mention a good use for those leftovers taking up room in the fridge).
No time for breakfast? Prep it the night before. You can utilize a slow cooker for some oatmeal or do a no cook fridge option oatmeal the night before that you can take and eat on the train.
Prep that bowl of cereal on the table so all you have to do is pour milk into it with a side of fruit and eat while the kids are having breakfast.


Motivate yourself by buying new workout shoes or workout outfit. Try something out of your normal comfort zone (trampoline class, belly dancing, or a kick boxing class). It might surprise you.

Schedule a workout into your calendar and treat it like an appointment. You wouldn’t cancel that doctor’s appointment so don’t cancel an exercise appointment. After all, if you work out chances are you won’t need to see your doctor as often.
If you still think scheduling it isn’t going to work then find a workout friend that will hold you accountable (one that doesn’t take no for an answer). With friends, why not make it a friendly competition. See who can do more push ups or hold that plank longer. Loser buys the next smoothie?

Kids are great at holding us accountable too if we tell them we will include them in the workout. They really want to do more physical activities with us. Just make sure you make it a game and make it fun.

If that doesn’t work, get an in-home personal trainer that shows up when you don’t want to. Your time is precious and your schedule must be even more hectic since school started again?

Why not have that fitness professional eliminate your guesswork to achieve your total body transformation, right at home?


It’s not necessarily going to be easy. However, this just might be the perfect time since you are already getting back into a routine for the kids. At the same time why not fit in a little bit of your health into the routine.

If you have any tips to share on starting up and sticking with a new back to school fitness routine this fall, let us know here on the blog.



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