What is the Price Difference Between Adjustable Dumbbells vs Regular Dumbbells?



Adjustable Dumbbells


Have you ever wondered what the actual price difference is between adjustable dumbbells vs regular dumbbells? Are you looking to make the move from the gym to your home but you think you can’t afford to buy all those dumbbells?


So Many Choices, So Many Prices…



Pricing out sets of dumbbells for your home can be very intimidating. Dumbbells come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy round dumbbells, hexagonal shaped dumbbells or even square dumbbells. Of these some are made of different materials as well which can affect the price. You can buy cast iron dumbbells, steel dumbbells, plastic dumbbells or even rubber dumbbells.



Most regular dumbbells range in price anywhere from $1.00 – $2.00 per lb. Many people need at least up to 50 lbs in pairs on regular dumbbells starting at 5 lbs and going up in increments of 5’s. Once you buy all the sets you need (10 pairs), regular dumbbells can easily cost anywhere from $540 up to $1,000. Based on an average price of $1.50/lb, all those regular dumbbells will cost $810.



With all the dumbbells, you will need a rack of some sort to put them on perhaps? The price of racks varies as well. Racks tend to tack up a decent amount of room but are far better than storing them on the floor. Also, remember that someone will essentially be moving around 540 lbs of dumbbells.



 Solid Dumbbell Difference



If price is not a factor, there can be some benefits to having regular dumbbells vs adjustable dumbbells. They are very sturdy and rugged. There are certain exercises that can only be done with regular dumbbells due to grip and utilizing one dumbbell at a time for example.



If price is still the factor though, what is the solution? How can someone have all the weight they need in dumbbells yet minimize the amount of space needed for them?



All In One Solution



The answer is simple; adjustable dumbbells. (Some people refer to these as space saving dumbbells)



Adjustable dumbbells will allow you to choose from a variety of weight in a compact footprint, for only a fraction of the cost of regular dumbbells. Typically, adjustable dumbbells will start at a price of $299 and up. Price is a main factor when considering adjustable dumbbells vs regular dumbbells.



So what other factors should you look at when shopping for your adjustable dumbbells? Here are a few suggestions to consider;



–          Adjustable dumbbells will range in price depending on the quality, durability, and versatility that they offer. The saying “you get what you pay for” typically holds true for most pieces of fitness equipment and certainly holds true here. Adjustable dumbbells should feel sturdy and secure with a well built locking system. You don’t want to sacrifice you and your family’s safety to save an extra $100. No one wants a mechanism to come loose when any type of weight is over your head or face.


–          Look for adjustable dumbbells that are going to give you the range of weight you need for all of your exercises, in a variety of increments. Think about other users in your household as well and what they might need for weight?


–          Most adjustable dumbbells will allow you to change the weight in 5lb increments. However, some of the more advanced sets allow you to adjust as low as 2.5lb increments offering a wider variety of weight usage and exercise to perform safely.


–          Lastly, they should be comfortable and easy to use. The more time you spend fiddling around trying to change the weight, the more time you lose out of your valuable workout. More time wasted equals to less calories burning.



Summing Up Dumbbells



In conclusion, adjustable dumbbells are in a league of their own when it comes to price per pound, storage space, and maximizing your results. If you are comparing adjustable dumbbells vs regular dumbbells, check them out at a local Spartan Fitness and have a fitness equipment specialist help you. You can also have your personal trainer assist you in selecting the right fit for your home by joining you at the store.


By Cam Boonstra  cboonstra@spartanfitness.ca , Oakville Spartan Fitness

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