9 Must-Know Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Grocery shopping, does anyone really and truthfully like to do it? Maybe or maybe not, however we all have to do it. But did you know, there is a downside to grocery shopping when you are trying to lose weight? This is why I want to share with you my 9 must-know healthy grocery shopping tips.



1. Go On a Full Stomach

Before you go shopping, make sure you eat. Eating before you go prevents unwanted and unhealthy items in your cart that are normally tossed in at impulse. This tends to also increase your bill significantly.


2. No Chewing Gum

Chewing gum causes you to feel hungry because when you chew gum you stimulate the salivary glands to produce digestive juices and enzymes. This tells your brain that food is coming.


3. Stick to the Exterior Aisles

At the grocery store make sure you shop around the outside aisles for majority of your grocery items. Don’t rely on convenience foods on the inside, stay with the fresh items on the outside aisles.


4. Less is Best

When thinking about healthy grocery shopping tips, invest in items that have the least amount of ingredients and ingredients you can pronounce. When food items have too many ingredients they are considered products and not food.


5. Go Natural

Buy foods that are natural and wholesome. Natural foods eventually spoil, which means no sugar or salt was added to prevent spoilage and increase shelf life. If food spoils, it  means bacteria was able to digest it and therefore that means your body can digest it too. Stay far away from foods that list salt and sugar first.


6. No Labels

As much as possible buy items that have little to no ingredients. If you can, stay away from bar-coded products. Try choosing food items with no scan-able codes on them like; fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry and nuts for example.


7. Know Your Food

Familiarize yourself with the common names of hidden sugars, trans fats, additives and preservatives. These things are making and keeping you fat. Another important reason to continuously review these healthy grocery shopping tips.


8. Avoid GMO’s

Steer far clear from genetically modified ingredients. Reading labels that list non-GMO can help you as well as choosing organic food items whenever possible too.


9. Stop Buying Junk

A simple solution that will help you stop eating junk food is to not buy it in the first place. Avoid the temptation that satisfies you instantly but defeats you long term.


Sticking with these 9 must-know healthy grocery shopping tips will leave your pantry bare and fridge full due to all the fresh food. You will also soon come to realize that like us, you won’t have the not need for a pantry. It all takes effort and planning, but your health and weight will shift for the better.


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RHN, Co-Owner, Home Maker – Michelle Foster


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