7 Reasons to Start Exercising With Your Partner


Aah, February…the month of love and togetherness. Of course when someone thinks of February any true romantic should be thinking ‘Valentine’s Day’, right? Did you know that February is also considered ‘Heart Month’ according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation (pretty appropriate). If you haven’t gotten started on a fitness program yet this year, let February be the month you start exercising with your partner to get healthier and fall in love again.

Here are the 7 reasons to start exercising with your partner;

  1. You will have greater connection.
    If you’ve ever wanted to get closer with your partner, many experts agree that having a strong connection in the household is key. One of the ways to build a stronger connection is to work toward a common goal. One of those common goals can be a better state of health. Decide together what that looks like and start exercising together to achieve it. The bond or connection you will develop can be long lasting.
  2. You will be more accountable.
    Have you ever had a long day at work, then a long drive in traffic on the way home…? The last thing someone wants to do at the end of their late workday is to exercise. Now, it is one thing to cancel your workout plans – but when you have your spouse or partner counting on you for motivation and accountability…it’s real hard to say no. I call it the white knight syndrome.
  3. You will always have someone to spot you.
    It is no secret that having a spotter can help you get better results. It is called the ‘forced reps method’. By having him/her there, you will be getting an extra 2-3 more repetitions in for an exercise. Those couple of extra reps from a partner helping you lift it is what makes muscle growth happen faster. You do want quicker results, right?
  4. You will workout harder.
    As humans we all have a natural tendency to perform as good or greater than our peers. When a loved one is close by watching our performance we automatically try to impress them. When we push harder, we achieve better results. There have been plenty of workouts I have personally dogged on my own. However, when my wife is around – I run faster, lift more weight and hold my plank longer.
  5. You will feel more attractive.
    As you both exercise together your bodies will start to change together. You will both become slimmer, have more curves in the proper places and ultimately look younger. With the new changes your attraction to each other will grow day by day. Exercising increases serotonin (the feel good hormone) and testosterone (related to increased sex drive).
  6. Your workouts will be more fun.
    Having a consistent training partner will make your workouts more fun and entertaining. Telling jokes to yourself becomes kind of awkward in solidarity after a while. Your training partner might find your jokes funny and help the two of you make your workouts fly by in time. You can also find workouts that incorporate using each others body-weight for resistance to build more intimacy.
  7. You can split the cost of a personal trainer.
    From the years of training clients in their own homes I’ve noticed a growing trend; couples commonly have different bank accounts? Initially I found this rather peculiar but later on started to realize why it made sense. People are getting married later in life when careers have settled and money has been made. The good news here is that both of you can now split the cost of an in-home personal trainer. Time to get that focused coaching you both deserve and start exercising with your partner

I am sure we could all find a dozen more reasons as to why we should exercise with our loved ones. Do it for your partner but also do it for yourself. You will build a greater bond together and ensure your hearts will last longer for years to come.

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