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30 min home workouts


Let’s face it. Life is busy. Real busy. And it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon in the next coming years or decades for that matter. In North America, we live in a very fast paced society. This is the reason why we switched to 30 min home workouts.

Wasted Time?

Are we wasting our time going to the gym? I say, not totally. Any kind of structured fitness program is never a waste of time in my opinion. However, what if we could save loads of time by doing the same thing at home that busy moms thought could only be done at the gym?

Think about what you could be doing with an extra 3 hours / week. How did I come up with those numbers? Well, compare 30 min home workouts with traditional hourly workouts at the gym. 3 sessions at home is an equivalent to 1.5 hours / week. Get ready for the gym, drive to the gym, train at the gym and drive back. That is at least 1.5 hrs / day x 3 days / week = 4.5 hrs / week.

Are Hourly Workouts Dead?

Yes I think so, there is OTF who have 50 min workouts, F45 has 45 min sessions and FitBody Boot Camp who offers only 30 min classes.

30 min home workouts really help save you time based on not having to drive anywhere and having efficient results with less time wasted. Many people would assume or think that hourly workouts help you burn more overall calories within an exercise session. This is somewhat true.

However, the effectiveness of that workout is now being studied in greater detail. Think of the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale and how you produce output or expend energy during an hour long session.

The average person will burn about 350 calories over an hour long session. They will take many breaks between sets over the hour and actually systematically save gas in the tank (energy) for other parts of their workout. Their RPE might always be hovering at 6 or 7?

Benefits of 30 Min Home Workouts

So what if you have only 30 min to do a home workout? You will most probably give the workout your all, every second. There are little to no breaks and many exercises are full body moves and often compounded with giant sets, compound sets and super-sets. Your RPE will be or should be at 9 out of 10 the whole time.

Within 30 min you can expect to easily burn 300 calories for that strength training HIIT workout if done correctly. Another great benefit of the half hour workouts at home is the fact that you can have your kids in their own environment. Also, 30 min home workouts allow you to feel safe, secure  and carefree without having to brush off aggressive health club pick-up artists.

30 min home workouts take up just 1.5 hours / week of your time. Now you will have more time to spend with your partner and kids because that’s what matters most. All the while being healthy as you do it.

Stop Wasting Your Time

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by Milton Personal Trainer Robert Foster


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