10 Fitness Tips to Keep Yourself Accountable


10 Fitness Tips

So you have decided to lose the extra weight or get yourself in shape. Great! Making that first big decision is a big step. Now that you have decided this, the next question is “How do you stay on track to see results?”

Only YOU can make it happen. Losing weight and getting in shape is sometimes a battle against yourself.

Here are 10 fitness tips to keep yourself accountable:


  1. Write down your goal. Make sure it’s SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). If it’s in your head it’s just a dream but if you write it down, it is now reality.
  2. Keep it visible. Post your goal so you are reminded of it daily. It could be on your bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Make sure it’s visible.
  3. Tell someone. This can be one person or you can go public and use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or even a blog. If lots of people or even a single person knows of your goal, you are less likely to back out of it.
  4. Check In! You put your goal out there, now let your “someone” know how you are doing. This can be a phone call, email, Facebook status, blog post.  Schedule it and treat it like an appointment. If you are having a bad week, a little encouragement from outside is great motivation.
  5. Journal. Food journals have been proven to work. It lets you look back at where you need improvement. It’s also a great reminder of how far and well you have come, too. There are some great apps out there that allow you to keep your details private or share with specific people.
  6. Checklist/Chart. Much like the journal, you can make a daily checklist/chart and cross off your workouts.
  7. Workout Buddy. Enlist a workout buddy! It could be someone who is already working out that can help push you (a bit of friendly competition) or it could be someone on the same journey as you so you both know what each other is going through. Pick someone that is reliable, that won’t back out though.
  8. Consequence/Reward. Put a consequence in place if you know that you are likely to skip that workout (pay $5 to a partner or spouse, donate it to a charity, have to take on cleaning the bathrooms or another chore you don’t like). You could set up rewards for different milestones (a new outfit, concert tickets, movie night, etc.).
  9. Sign-up for an event. Register for a 5K, beginner’s triathlon, or even a mud hero challenge. Having a fitness target will force you to train for it.
  10. Get Professional Help! Hire a trainer that shows up at your door when you don’t want to show up for that workout. Hire a nutritionist that can help set you on the right path.


Enjoy these 10 fitness tips to keep yourself accountable.



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