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Almost everyone I know has at least 1 resistance band at home. It might be from the Shopping Channel, Walmart, Sears or a Specialty Home Fitness Equipment store. You may have received it as a Christmas gift at one time or even perhaps it came as a bundle with another fitness or weight loss product you purchased?

I am a big advocate of resistance bands or sometimes referred to as exercise tubing. They are versatile, portable and very functional. Of course as with anything, you get what you pay for. There are cheap versions that are flimsily put together and then there are high end ones that have a great manufactured structure and upgraded material.

So with this being said, if you haven’t yet upgraded to the multiple levels of resistance within the different bands, let’s just use the one you currently have collecting dust at home.

You need to use 2 hands at the same time on the handles while doing an exercise like a standing row. If it is too light (and you will know this if you go beyond 20 reps) then you will probably need to double up the band and put both handles in one hand for a one arm row. This should double the resistance of your light band.

Here is the opposite. If you are looking to do an exercise like a standing shoulder press with 2 hands and it is too hard, try doing a 1 arm shoulder press with 1 handle. For this exercise you will need to stand on the band appropriately to have the right resistance. The closer you stand to the handle, the tighter the resistance band gets.

So remember, simply use 1 handle and 1 arm at a time for light exercises, 2 hands on each of its handles for medium exercises and 2 handles in 1 hand for harder exercises.

If you do not have a door attachment for the band, use a willing friend or better yet a pole or fence to wrap the band around.

Here is a free 1 Resistance Band Quick Home Workout;













































Warm-up for 3 – 5 min before trying this circuit. Do this as a circuit for 2 – 3 times, resting only as desired in between each exercise. Complete as many reps for each exercise as you can until failure but aiming ideal for 15. Cool down for 2 min or more after you are done.

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  1. Great advice. Love the bands. When my wife and I went to California for a vacation the only equipment we took was the bands and we squeezed in 2 different strength workouts, and mixed in some cardio. Now we try to use the bands once in a while at home just to mix it up. Door attachment is a huge plus since it multiplies the number of exercises you can do. Keep up the tips, I always appreciate the suggestions 😉

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