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We use cutting edge fitness technology to give you the best workout and the most results for your efforts!

Mary P.

What can I say about Trainers On Site? I can say that I was at a very low place in my life. I was depressed and embarrassed about the way I looked...and felt, but that through their diligent care, all that changed. I can say that I never shopped for clothing because I hated shopping in "Plus Size" stores, yet my mobile personal trainer inspired me to believe in myself and focus on the better me that lay just weeks ahead. I can say that I never wanted to join a gym because I felt over-whelmed and intimidated by its members but my personal trainer helped me reach a level of fitness that I, myself, never thought I could achieve. I can say that my days consisted of coming home from work, sitting on the couch and desperately wishing my life could be different...that I could be different and that Trainers On Site provided a way for me to achieve my goals in the comfort of my own home. I can say all wonderful things about TOS, but I won't. To see (and feel) the difference that Trainers On Site has made in my life, all I have to do is look in the mirror. Thank you.

Lost 35 lbs, 12 inches overall and reduced body-fat by 8%.

Joy A.

With Trainers On Site I lost over 100lbs in 7 months. It was a lot of hard work and it took a lot of my free time. Between exercising, preparing, planning and cooking foods and tracking my calories – my days were gone. I would train with my trainer 3 days per week and I would do my own cardiovascular workouts 6 days per week as well. My food preparation was daily for about 30 minutes each day another 15 minutes spent on tracking.

Do I regret spending all that time – heck no. Every second was worth it! I can always look back to the YEARS it took me to put on all this weight and that was much longer.

My results were pretty outstanding as you can tell from above. I went from a size 22 down to a 12 and I lost 15 inches off my waist alone. That’s over 1 foot! My body-fat dropped by 17%. I have never felt happier in my life and I owe a lot of it to Trainers On Site. I have a new wardrobe and I can just move more easily and be pain free without all that weight on. I can also cycle with my husband again and simply enjoy life more. Trainers On Site, you have changed my life forever. Thank-you!

I lost over 100 lbs in 7 months.


Just like most mom’s out there – I am super busy. I work full-time at a pretty demanding job where I sometime will have to take work home with me. My kids are very active in recreational activities after the school day is over and even more so on weekends. My family culture demands numerous weekend family affairs as well. Add in 3 dogs to the mix and some alone time with my husband – life is real busy.

As my life gets busier my exercise and eating becomes less of a priority in the scheme of things. This leads me to being unhappy about excess pounds on my body and feeling very sluggish throughout the day. I know I needed to exercise but where is the time to go to the gym?

Thank goodness for Trainers On Site and their team of in home Personal Trainers. I have a full gym at home but I never use it. It is a shame actually because its sitting in my basement collecting dust. Well the dust got brushed off and my Trainer and I started using it. The Bosu, the Squat Rack, the Treadmill and all the dumbbells too got plenty of use with my Personal Trainer.

I had lost 37 lbs, 8% body-fat and I dropped 4 dress sizes. I am probably about the happiest hot momma around right now (husbands words). Best of all, my old clothes fit again and I have so much more energy to tackle my busy day. Wow, I feel great Trainers On Site.

I had lost 37 lbs, 8% body-fat and I dropped 4 dress sizes.
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