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The popularity of condominium ownership is on the rise in the greater Toronto area and it seems as though they are popping up on every other block. In regards to fitness facilities within a condo, the technology and state of the art fitness equipment is a thing of the norm.

Whether it is baby boomers or young aspiring professionals, condo’s equate to convenience for many. With such elaborate high-tech products most condo dwellers have no clue where to start. They normally jump on an elliptical or treadmill and just aimlessly move without realization of the importance of proper programming or exercise design.

All condominium owners pay maintenance fees and a part of the maintenance fee is normally based off of the fitness equipment and its upkeep. Why not make use of your fitness equipment that you are partially paying for every month?

We specialize in Condo Personal Training and we know condo gym equipment inside and out. Whether it is a multi-unit commercial gym or a dumbbell rack we can put you through a challenging fitness workout that involves strength training, balance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and core work. That is how Condo Personal Training works.

If your condo gym is too busy we are experts in impromptu workouts as well. There might be a plan or program design for using a certain piece of fitness equipment, but if it is being occupied we can make alternate arrangements on the spot instead.

Make the most of your condo gym by fully utilizing it with a Trainers On Site Condo Personal Training. Started

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