We show up even when you don’t want to. This is our motto. Whether it be your home, your condo or even at your workplace – we come to you. You now have literally no excuses for not getting a workout in and achieving the fitness results you have always dreamed of.

“What about equipment though”, you ask? We have it covered. In fact, having lots of different pieces of portable exercise equipment is what makes our service work and more unique.

It truly doesn’t matter where you are because we can essentially bring the gym to you. Different workouts and different apparatus keep the body guessing – this will create muscle confusion and get you to burn greater overall fat calories.

So if your choice is In Home Personal Training, Condo Personal Training or Corporate Personal Training – we have you covered.

All Trainers On Site sessions range from
$45 - $90/ session based on:
  • Your health and fitness goals.
  • Exercise experience.
  • Fitness assessment and testing results.
  • Frequency per week.
  • Length of session.
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