Finally, the time has arrived. After much demand and request for a systemized business model, Trainers On Site has decided to license out our ever popular Mobile Personal Training service.

The writing is on the wall. People want a more convenient way to become healthy. Efficiency is what the consumer wants and they want it even faster! More and more the general population is seeking a remedy for their fitness dilemmas right from the comfort of their own home. This is why we started our model.

At Trainers On Site Personal Trainers enjoy helping others achieve their individualized fitness goals at home. Our Mobile Personal Trainers are always polite, extremely punctual and professional to the outmost degree. We look to perfect every detail to ensure our client experience is the best in the industry. This determination and need for acute details enables us to continuously strive to become a World Class Mobile Personal Training service.

With leading industry compensation for Personal Training and potential room for advancement as an Area Operator, Trainers On Site gives you the flexibility for personal and professional growth on our expanding team.

As a Mobile Personal Trainer You Have The opportunity To eaern;

  • Per Session %
  • Initial Sale %
  • Renewal Sale %
  • Brand Development %
  • Supplement Sale %
  • Area Operator Bonus %

Why work at big box gym and get paid starting at $10/session?

With Trainers On Site, potential for earnings can be up to 70% (You can make up to $63/session) and with opportunity for passive revenue income streams as well. Yes, get paid while you sleep. We pay great for top level performance!

Best of all, you are operating your own business with an established brand. As a business owner you can work/train as hard as you want. The more effort you put in to growing your Trainers On Site business = the more money you make.

Sure, you could try doing one on one In Home Personal Training by yourself but why would you? The client doesn’t want to pay cash with no receipt. The client doesn’t want a Personal Trainer showing up in a 12 year old rusted out car. The client doesn’t want a one man or woman mickey-mouse operation. They want professionalism, a clean image and a trusted legal entity. With Trainers On Site, they get all that and more!

Being a business owner has many tax advantages to offer if you do it right and claim all your income. A car is the second biggest expense a person has next to their house. Now, you can write off your car, gas and insurance. Imagine being able to write off an extra $6,000 or so per year! Working for a big box gym won’t allow you to do that.

Unlike corporate gyms, there are no sales goals that bear down on you from corporate pressures at the top. This allows you to operate your business on your terms with less stress.

Trainers On Site is not a franchise. No on-going royalties, expensive franchise lawyers, 100 page contract documents or high priced initial franchise fees. You are not forced to buy certain items, hit certain sales quotas or only perform Mobile Personal Training. You are a licensed contracted Mobile Personal Trainer. In fact you are even encouraged to work outside of Trainers On Site.

We don't just accept anyone applying for a trainers on site license location. You need to fulfill our criteria. Here is what we look for in a trainers on site;

  • Belief that fitness is the outmost importance
  • Customer service and engagement is the backbone of all business
  • Going the extra mile
  • Great understanding of brand/logo representation
  • Willingness to continually educate yourself and grow personally
  • Great attention to detail with form and technique
  • Amazing punctuality
  • Sales and retention/renewal skills
  • Personal Trainer Specialist certified
  • CPR

This is what we give you as a competitive advantage;

  • Great Compensation, Up to 70%
  • Flexible Schedule, You Work When You Want to
  • We Take Care of Billing, Accounting, Merchant and Finance Fees
  • Done for You Marketing Strategy and Sales Process’
  • Personal Webpage for Promotional Opportunities
  • Brand Creation with Logos, Website, Flyers and toll free #
  • Home Fitness Equipment Checklist
  • Vitamin and Supplement Revenue Potential
  • Pre-made Agreements for Any Type of Fitness Program
  • Guaranteed 3 Months Income with a Client
  • You are Not Limited to Class Times When Everyone Can Make it

So “what is the cost of operating a licensed Trainers On Site location”? Other fitness business models like gyms and studios have franchise fees upwards of $30,000 to buy into. Never mind the build-out of the location which can average $250,000 for turn-key operations. With Trainers On Site, is a model that is low cost to get involved, low cost to operate monthly and big returns on the investment.

As a Personal Trainer can any of us really afford a $5,000/month rent on a studio/gym space. What about costs of payroll, marketing and website maintenance? Do we really want to lock in to a 5 year commitment with a leasehold company? Who wants to borrow money from friends, family or on our mortgage to risk it all?

With Trainers On Site you maximize your earning potential. For a small investment of our $997 license and training fee you will have a dedicated territory, some of the lowest industry operating costs and start your business within a reasonably small budget.

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