How to Make Your Home Workouts Harder

    Many times I myself as an in home personal trainer get tempted to join a gym. I look at my home fitness equipment which includes; a BOSU ball, TRX, resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells up to 50 lbs and a stability ball to name a few – and I wonder if I have enough … Continue reading “How to Make Your Home Workouts Harder”

Your 5 Stage Fall Fitness Formula

  It’s that time again. The unofficial end of summer and the start of everyday routines. September and January mark the biggest months for initiating change for most people throughout the year. This is due to the feeling of starting fresh and new beginnings. Now of course this feeling can be felt all the time … Continue reading “Your 5 Stage Fall Fitness Formula”

3 Strategies for Staying Fit While on Vacation

  Summer vacations are in full swing. People are going off to the cottage, driving across the country or to south and are even booking getaways to numerous countries abroad. It seems as though summertime is when the majority of Canadians have extra time off. As a family we had our share of time off … Continue reading “3 Strategies for Staying Fit While on Vacation”

Tabata Training, a Fitness Trend That’s Here to Stay

    Fitness trends seem to come and go. Some stick while many others stink and sink. However, in 1996 a Doctor by the name of Izumi Tabata and a Japanese olympic speed skating coach – discovered a smarter way to train via the now famous Tabata Protocols. It has since been trademarked “Tabata Training” … Continue reading “Tabata Training, a Fitness Trend That’s Here to Stay”

5 Healthy Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

  With summer being fully underway it’s more important than ever to eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and take a lot of showers to keep up with hygiene. But did I mention, cold showers?   You probably think I’m crazy, and think of cold showers as dreadful things. In most cases, you … Continue reading “5 Healthy Benefits of Taking Cold Showers”

New Brampton Boot Camp

  It’s about that time again. We are launching our Brampton Boot Camp starting June 14th 7:30pm. It will run for 2 weeknights per week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm all summer. It will also run Saturday’s at 10:30am. At Seaborn Park in Brampton   These are 30 min outdoor sessions that will help you burn … Continue reading “New Brampton Boot Camp”

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