Everyone Loves a Fitness Referral Challenge

    For the month of May we are proud to announce our new fitness referral challenge. Here at Trainers On Site we know that referrals are super important. When a client or friend refers business our way it means they are happy with our service. We are always doing our best to go above … Continue reading “Everyone Loves a Fitness Referral Challenge”

How to Bounce Back to Fitness After March Break

  It is official. The Canadian March Break has come and gone. The extra outside eaten meals are done. The numerous hours of driving place to place are done. The late nights and late mornings with the kids are done. So now it is time to figure out how to bounce back to fitness after … Continue reading “How to Bounce Back to Fitness After March Break”

6 Elliptical Mistakes You Could Be Making

    In 1995 a company by the name of Precor invented the very first elliptical to market. It was introduced to help injured exercise participants reduce joint discomfort while working out. It caught on in the mainstream market and is now a very popular choice of fitness equipment to use at health clubs and … Continue reading “6 Elliptical Mistakes You Could Be Making”

7 Reasons to Start Exercising With Your Partner

Aah, February…the month of love and togetherness. Of course when someone thinks of February any true romantic should be thinking ‘Valentine’s Day’, right? Did you know that February is also considered ‘Heart Month’ according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation (pretty appropriate). If you haven’t gotten started on a fitness program yet this year, let … Continue reading “7 Reasons to Start Exercising With Your Partner”

Avoid These 8 Treadmill Mistakes

So you decided to invest in a solid piece of home fitness equipment. Getting a treadmill from a fitness equipment specialty retailer like Spartan Fitness is a wise choice. Whether you purchased a Precor, Life Fitness or BH brand, I applaud you for deciding to start at home. When it comes to home fitness products, … Continue reading “Avoid These 8 Treadmill Mistakes”

Shrimp Orzo Salad

As a busy mom I’m always trying to come up with healthy delicious meals, without compromising on nutrients. This quick and easy shrimp orzo meal is perfect for when you have a busy ‘on the go’ day. It’s portable which makes it even better.   1lb shrimp 8 oz of cooked orzo pasta Cup of … Continue reading “Shrimp Orzo Salad”

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