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Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Many workplaces include a 9-5 job and have the employees sitting for most of the shift. While commuting to work, they are seated; and as soon as they begin working, they are also seated. Sitting for long periods of time … Continue reading »

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5 Reasons to Ditch the Gym and Exercise at Home

Do you have a gym membership or are you thinking of getting one? Here are 5 things to consider before doing so and why you might think about getting fit at home. 1. Germs This might be a no-brainer. The … Continue reading »

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Fascia Stretch Therapy, is it for You?

Before you answer this question lets first explain what is “Fascia” and how it works.   Fascia Basics   Fasciae are similar to ligaments & tendons. Ligaments connect bone to another bone, tendons connect muscles to bones but fascia is … Continue reading »

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What Back to School Means for Your Fitness Routine

Why wait until New Years to set that weight-loss resolution? The back to school routine is a great time to set new goals and get back on track. I hear you saying it “but there is no time! Kids have … Continue reading »

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7 Success Strategies for Summer Home Workouts

It’s officially the mid way stretch. We are half way through our summer holidays and I hope you are making every moment of it.   In a blink of an eye – the warm air, family barbecues and refreshing dips … Continue reading »

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4 Easy Cardio Tips to Burn Unwanted Fat

Being a personal trainer a frequent question that clients of mine continuously ask is ‘do you have any tricks or tips that will help me burn more fat?’ After answering this question for what feels like thousands of times I … Continue reading »

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Which First, Cardio or Strength Training?

Common Fitness Questions As a personal trainer you can imagine I get many of the same workout related questions over and over. One of those questions that are very common is “which should I do first, my cardio or my … Continue reading »

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Are Lousy Questions Causing You to Stay Overweight?

  The new year has come and gone and we are full swing now into 2014. You can tell where we are calendar wise not only by the weather but also by how the gyms are emptying and social media … Continue reading »

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